Wed October 22, 2014













Just in time for Fall, Halloween or even Thanksgiving. Here's a step by step tutorial on how to make these easy and fun little Fabric Pumpkins. If you purchased one of my kits, you will have every thing you need to make 3 pumpkins except the fiberfill stuffing and a glue gun. No machine sewing required.










You will need fabric approx. 12" for one pumpkin. (Lots of fun colors and prints can be used), a glue gun and glue sticks, heavy thread or crochet thread, asst. buttons, fiberfill stuffing, spanish moss and a 3" branch piece or 3" dowl.

Begin with a your desired fabric. You may use a dinner plate as a template or something else round for a pattern. Trace around it and cut it out.










Begin with a large knot at the end of your thread and baste all around the circle using pretty large stitches.










Gather the fabric a bit as you go.










Your pumpkin should look like this. Do not tie a knot at this point.










Use small handfuls of the fiberfill (I usually get mine at Joanns or Hobby Lobby)










Hold on to the thread so it doesn't totally undo and stuff your little pumpkins as full as you like. I try to make mine fairly full.










After you have achieved the desired fullness, gather up the stitches and pull tight. Leave a small opening enough for the stem.










Now take a stitch or two grabbing fabric on each side of your original knot and tie another knot to anchor it closed.













Put a generous amount of glue from your glue gun onto the stem...













And incert the stem into the hole and hold for a few seconds for the glue to set. You may wish to glue some of the fabric to the stem also.













Use your Spanish Moss (found at most any craft store or at the Dollar Tree)













 use small pinches of the moss to cover the base of the stem. Moss is the perfect choice to hide any inperfections. Plus it looks cute! I Love it!













With your hot glue gun, glue the moss all the way around the stem.













Your little pumpkin should look something like this.










Now for embellishments! I used lots of fun buttons in gold and black, orange, even green and purple. You can use whatever fun ones you like. (These buttons can be found at Joanns, Michaels, Hobby Lobby and even Tuesday Morning)













Glue your buttons into place with the glue gun and there you go! You're done!! Wasn't that easy? You now have a sweet little pumpkin to decorate your table, shelf or make more and cluster them together. They are perfect little gifts for friends, family, teachers and neighbors.

So have a ball and make as many as you like!! Happy Fall, Happy Halloween and Happy Thanksgiving to you!!

Wed October 1, 2014

Thank you girls for all the fun this summer!! And thank you Moms for all your support!!

What shall we do next summer?? Hummm...

Guess we'll just have to see.


























Wed October 1, 2014













Our last sewing class for the summer was a super darling Mini Doll Quilt.  Of course dolls had to be the theme in some way. So I chose paper dolls. I use to just love them as a little girl. I hoped that they would too. Vintage paper dolls decorated the table. 













A vintage baby dress on a stand and even little doilys here and there.













Stand up paper dolls with a baby carriage were filled with M&M's.













For snack they had little peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, strawberry jello and these sweet floral brownie bites.













So fun to be a little girl!!













They really liked the vintage paper dolls. They just don't make stuff like that anymore. (These paper dolls were just copies, not the real deal!)













They worked for a couple of hours and here are some of their final results. Each quilt was so unique and so special to each girl.













They were so proud to hold them up as finished projects.













I couldn't believe what a wonderful job they did. Even my 6-7 yr. olds completed them.

I can't wait to hear if their American Girl dolls like them. I bet they do!!

Wed October 1, 2014













This is what we did for "GLAMPING". Thats camping with a femine touch.













Container mini gardening was the class. Lots of flowers and pots all ready to go!













Even a Shabby Chic Teepee. (Yes, I made it, but it didn't go well. So lets just say I won't be making another one!)













And of course a snack. How about chocolate bear claw cookies with Reeses peanut butter cups in the middle!!










The girls did such a great job designing their mini gardens. They had furniture, colorful flowers, rocks and little animals too.













They were very proud when they were all completed.













And now they just have to remember be to water and take care of them!

Wed October 1, 2014

The summer was heating up and every one was heading to the beach. So for our next class I did a fun "BEach PArty"!!










Complete with sand, shells and beach toys!










Kinda had a beach towel or surf board pattern on these plates. Of course we had to have gold fish!













I thought these little "fun in the sun" cupcakes were just to adorable not to make. Complete with teddy grahams, lifesaver, brown sugar (for the sand) and a bright paper umbrella.










Snack time was always a favorite for the girls.













Sewing project #2 A darling repurposed " Jeans Beach/ Hobo Bag" tied in front with a fun vintage hankie.














Each of them were so cute and so different. A great way to recycle old worn out jeans. Plus they come with lots of built in pockets!!








Wed October 1, 2014













Another class offered this summer was a "Make your own Jewelry" class. Sparkles of all kinds with lots of BLING!!













I went with a pretty jewelry theme and found some great ideas on Pinterest. Edible necklases, pink yogurt and...













the main event...  soft and sweet "Diamond Doughnut Rings"!! Lets just say they were a big hit!!










Each girl made wrist cuffs with fun rosettes.










Plus a sparkly necklase too!











Here's a little BLING attitude!

Wed October 1, 2014













First these litte cutie pies learned to machine sew on paper. (with no thread) its the best way to give them a feel for the machines. I used the Janome Mini Machines and they worked out great and the girls really loved them. (They are a good inexpensive starter machine with only one speed.)










They all tried very hard and soon were just sewing away!










The theme for this class was a fun "Sleep over". They had their own litttle box of cereal, juice, popcorn and...













mini cinimmon rolls. Yummy and cute!













Also I made little cookies that looked like slippers. They girls thought they were adorable, but wouldn't eat them because they had coconut on them. Who knew??













First project: Pillowcases. Such fun colors and prints!!










A class picture with some of the girls.










Also at the end of my classes when the girls complete their projects they receive an achievement charm.

Wed October 1, 2014

I got a fun idea and decided to begin teaching Sewing/Crafting classes for little girls ages 6-12 years old. My classes started in May and the kick off class was "Princess Crown Decorating". They learned texture, balance, color and gluing skills.










I decorated the table and gave the classes a festive party feel. I wanted to make the girls feel special.










They even got fairy wands and a Green Gummy frog to kiss!










The treat was fruit wands. Skewers made of strawberries, pineapple and watermelon.










My very first class. Such darling girls so eager to learn.























Finished crowns. They were so proud of themselves and so was I!












I got the feeling that these classes were going to be going through out the summer. And I was sure right!!

Sat July 12, 2014

Two NEW patterns available now from Curbys Closet!! One is for baby and one is for YOU!!

First is our 12th Quilted Baby Shoe pattern and its a Moccasin!! Moccasins are so popular now and right in fashion for all babies. (Boys or girls!) They are so cute and comfortable and like all our quilted baby shoes they are  just "Too cute to kick off!"











Here is the pattern. You can find them on our website or Etsy shop.














The second pattern is a really fun one! It is perfect for those of us who like to bring a celebration or party feel to whatever we do. It's a Quilted Bunting and Banner pattern. These banners are super easy and quick to make and the uses are endless. Bring them out for birthdays or special occasions. Make them for holidays or sporting events. Hang them inside or outside. Kids and people of all ages just love them!!














Find our bunting pattern on our website or Etsy shop also.


Have a wonderful summer and try a new project using some of our Curbys Closet patterns.

Best wishes,


Sun May 18, 2014










How cute are these?? I can say that without bragging, cuz they were not my idea. Where did I get it from, yep you guessed it... PINTEREST!! My dearest very best friend!! What did we ever do with out it!! This is my take on the idea and of course if it is made by me it will be the quick and easy way for sure. Here's how I did mine:









First I went to the grocery store and bought some of these brownie bites. Now of course you great bakers out there can whip up a batch of homemade. But these are really good and I didn't have to heat up my oven. Remember its all about quick and easy! Then frost them with your favorite frosting. I used milk chocolate.














I had bought these sweet paper flowers at MICHAELS for $2 a pouch. Such a deal!  Lots of colors. They are super cute and are the perfect size.














Next I hot glued the flowers to a toothpick (we all have those around the house) and tied on a little green piece of ribbon for leaves. See? How easy peasy can you get right!!











The only problem is that they are so FUN and so EASY to make you will not know when to stop!!

So next time you are looking for a sweet edible treat, whip up some of these darling flower pots.

You'll be glad you did!