I'm lovin "A Stitch in Time" quilt shop!!

Today I was sent this email from Maxine Ramey from "A Stitch in Time" quilt shop in  Franklin, North Carolina: Hi Chris, We have all fallen in love with your shoe designs! We have a free weekly demo at our shop called "Tuesday Technique" and yesterday we featured your shoes. I had advertised that it would be the cutest demo ever and we had a good turnout. (I keep the topic a secret until the moment the class starts so everyone gets so excited!). We made a video and I wanted to share that with you. This video was such a nice surprise and I would love to share it with you. It runs about 10 min. It was a huge compliment and so fun for a designer to get this kind of feedback. It nearly brought tears to my eyes. (And I'm not kidding!) I got to thinking what a great idea this is for the ladies that frequent this quilt shop. Every Tuesday they get a fun surprise! The quilt shop has all the patterns, notions and supplies that are needed for these Tuesday Technique days. In this video Maxine not only gives a great demo on my Curbys Closet quilted baby shoes, ( and she made some very cute ones to boot!) but she also shows a new kind of batting she carries for craft projects, different scissors for different projects and the most amazing fabric pens I've ever seen!! They are awesome! You have to watch the video just for the pen demo. if for nothing else.  If you already know about these pens and use them, please leave a comment and tell me how you like them. Wasn't that fun? And was I right about the pens? I had never seen ones that could be removed with heat. And so easily too. Very Cool!! Now may I give a big, sincere THANK YOU to Maxine and  "A stitch in Time" quilt shop for this  wonderful video! A reminder: if you live or visit,  in or around the Franklin, North Carolina area be sure to drop by and see all the wonderful fabrics, patterns and notions at "A Stitch in Time" quilt shop and tell Maxine that Chris at Curbys Closet sent ya!