Love those Christmas Memories!

A beautiful,  fresh green Christmas tree always brings back memories of my childhood. Well... actually it was more like a sorta  fresh, scrawny Christmas tree. But it always smelled pretty good!
This year our tree is big and full and very fragrant. When the guys first brought it in I thought we lived in a pine forest! It was super strong!
Each year it's fun to load the tree with varied ornaments. Mostly from the past. ( I haven't bought new ornaments in years!) Each one has a special meaning or a sweet memory for us. Or at least for me! Guys never want to admit that.
Several years ago I began collecting frame ornaments (mostly from Aaron Bro.s) and putting pictures of family and friends inside and hanging them on the tree. This one is of our beloved Willie ( an American Eskimo dog) that passed away a couple of years ago. It's so wonderful  to see his sweet little face and remember such great times.
This one is of my adorable boys when they were little. Some days I sure miss having  little boys!But most days I don't!! lol
These are Santa Claus ornaments I painted back in the 1990's. I bought cheap ball ornaments (at Big Lots) painted them with acrylic paints and tied on a  raffia bow. They are fun and really quite easy and inexpensive to make.  So I made several dozen!
Other fun ornaments on our tree each year are:  handmade quilt stockings, glass candy canes and even berries for filler.  It's amazing how having some kind of filler like berries or babies breath really fills in those bare spots.
A  few years ago I added a couple of different kinds of  angel ornaments wooden and ceramic and birds too. I really like little red and blue birds cuz they clip on and they stay put. I just love that! Our tree may not have a real theme going or even a rhyme or reason to it. But most every thing hung on it has a special meaning to us or reminds us of one thing or another and that is kinda cool. Even tho my boys are grown they still love seeing the tree all decorated and especially love looking at all the pictures of themselves growing up through the years. So...want to add some special memories to your Christmas tree this year?? Well, find some frames and add some pictures to them and hang them on your tree. You'll love it and it makes a great conversation piece also. Merry Christmas!!