My first International Quilt Market- Spring SLC

My first International Quilt Market has come to a close. (Part of me says Hallelujah and part of me says sniff sniff) We are back home and busy filling orders. It was TONS of hard work, mixed with fun, laughter and the thrill of meeting customers, shops and distributors that have helped Curbys Closet along the way. Here are some pics for you too see. Designing the booth was a huge challenge!! We had a teeny tiny budget so creativity and a "trash to treasure" attitude was a must! If I told you all the crazy things that I did with sheets you would die! I showcased the shoes with several vintage baby outfits that I have restored on cute white & black banister stands built by my husband. He also built the adorable white shabby wardrobe cabinet for extra baby dresses. I designed and created  lawn chair slip covers for a sitting area. It was so nice to sit and talk with customers there. The Bug Bag purses were showcased and hung on a fun tree I made from an old silk ficus tree. I was so blessed to have wonderful family (Roger, Brett, Cindi and my mom) and friends (Gina, Kathleen, Quentin, Wendy and Tim) to help me prepare, set up, take down etc. Plus all my sweet friends back home Susan G. Joni, Allison, Susan K. Melissa and Holli,  because of them I do feel that the show was a fabulous success! No one can ever do great things all alone! A highlight of the show for me was meeting  talented people in the industry such as Heather Bailey, Eleanor Burns, Jennifer Bosworth  and the DIY Dish sisters Kim and Kris. Everyone was so darling and so nice! I was also delighted to see and meet many loyal customers, quilt shop owners  and awesome distributors from all over the world! These were probably some of my most favorite moments of the show. Thank goodness sales were good and the quilted baby shoe patterns and my sisters new quilt (Sweet English Posies) were a big HIT!! Look for the "Sweet English Posies" quilt to be available for purchase next month. Either on our website or on etsy. A new baby shoe will be released soon also. Always check back because you just never know what you will find inside  Curbys Closet!! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and twitter too!