A New Fresh Look for Curbys Closet!!!

I am so thrilled to have you take a look and browse around  our newly designed blog, boutique and website. With the creative talents of Brett Anderson of Brett Anderson Art, Curbys Closet has a new fresh look and just in time for 2011! (How lucky am I to have such a talented son??) If you are looking to update your website or need other web design ideas contact him at the link above or email him at brett@brettandersonart.com. Check out his amazing artwork and designs on the home page. (It's my favorite!) Click on patterns to see the new look at the Curbys Closet boutique. Click on  dresses to see whats selling in our ebay store and click on the  baby shoes to check out  our etsy shop. Also in our etsy shop you will  find vintage baby dresses and our newest item: BUG BAG purses for toddlers and little girls. There is always something new at Curbys Closet, but this is HUGE!! Brett really captured the look and feel of Curbys Closet. I thought that the website was pretty cute before, but this is almost like an Extreme Makeover!! I am so excited!! Please feel free to take a look around, or join us on Facebook and be sure to come back often! I would love to hear your input or comments! HAPPY NEW YEAR and Best Wishes, Chris