Wed May 14, 2014










One of my favorite things to do in the spring is to dust off my minatures and pixies and replant or spruce up my Pixie/Fairy gardens. Most every one calls them fairy gardens but I like to call them Pixies for some reason. I think that these gardens are really fun to create and are quite magical to look at.










One of my favorite minitures is this lion head fountain. I've always wanted one in my own garden and this was the only size I could afford!! Haha Buying fresh lovely plants and tiny shiny rocks are a fun part of it too. This year my daughter in law and son helped me with three of the gardens and they did a great job! My newest little miniture to add to my collection is the little black dog. He represents our newest family member Joey. (my grandpuppy)













Each garden is special and unique. This one is the Baby Pixie garden.










I spray painted the buggy and bench and added the brick walkway, arbor with ivy and even nestled in some adorable ducks! There is no right or wrong way to do these. You just keep adding stuff until it looks like you want.










This one has always been a favorite for those who stop by to see my little gardens. It's the WICKED garden complete with Elphaba, Glinda and the evil castle. My kids did this one too. 













I love the stone pavers and the adorable tree (on the right) complete with little red apples.













I also have this gazebo style Pixie garden. You can pretty much plant them in most any container. I use a lot of clay pots and urns. Just make sure they have plenty of drainage.

To add a little whimsy and fun to your garden try a Pixie garden.

If you live in So. California the best place to buy Pixie/Fairy garden supplies and mini plants is M&M Nursery in Orange. They will have every thing your little heart desires! Or you can also order online. The selection is a bit smaller, but there are still lots of cute things to choose from. Check them out!!





Mon April 28, 2014

















Little Peter Rabbit was my inspiration for this years Easter table scape. He'd been outside in the back yard for awhile and now it was time to bring him in!

I filled his basket full of lovey roses from my garden and some floral carrots. Plus I added a birdsnest filled with eggs and a little yellow ceramic bird I got at Michaels.

















I began by making an "easy peasy" pink salmon print table runner out of cloth napkins I found at Home Goods. I just sewed them together and added a bit of rick rack.

















I used my "go to" gold chargers and added my china by Laura Ashley. ( Got them at Ross years ago and still love them!) The floral print napkins were purchased at Home Goods and the clip silk Peony flowers were on sale at Joanns. I bought colors in Coral, Mint, green and white. Very soft and pretty.


















Saw this darling paper carrot idea on Pinterest. Rolled the paper into a cone, sewed the ends on my sewing machine, added some green ribbon looped at the top and then filled with candy and nuts! Cute little favor idea and fun to use as name place cards.











Found this idea on Pinterest also. If you are not on Pinterest "You just gotta come join us!! So many wonderful and awesome ideas!!  Use baby carrots poked on the top with a wooden skewer and then insert a tiny sprig of parsley. (Mine was even from my herb garden! I was so jazzed!!)  Place them inside a little cup or basket with your favorite dip or dressing in the bottom. Is that the cutest or what?? 

Turned out to be a fun table, fun family and a fun day!! HAPPY EASTER and HAPPY SPRING!!



Mon March 17, 2014

What's black and white and green all over?

The answer: Our family's St. Patricks's Day Dinner Yay!!













Here are some pics of our festive table.

To create this table scape I used: Green flower chargers (Michaels), Black and white damask paper plates and solid green paper plates (Party City) the black bowls I already had in my collection. Got them last year.(Big Lots)











Lovely Shamrock centerpiece from Trader Joes. Only $2.99 ea.










 I used lots of black and white fabrics. It's really fun to mix and match. All fabrics from Joanns.













I put the silverware in tin buckets lined with a green polka dot napkin.














Purchased these darling green mason jars at Michaels for around $10 (Set of 6). Using my 40% off coupon of course!













 Tiny little "Pots of GOLD"  (gold chocolate coins, Rolos and Reeses cups) Black pots found at Party City. (Package of 12 for $2.99)











Fun little gift boxes filled with super yummy Pistachios. My family LOVES pistachios!!














When it all came together it was definately black and white and green all over!!


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Thanks so much!!






Thu March 6, 2014

Can you pull together a quick table scape, for a kinda last minute lunch for a couple of wonderful friends??













Sure you can. It's pretty easy and I'll show you how.










Always start with a fun COLOR palette either in your table cloth, table runner, placemats, etc. I don't know why, but I have a thing for red polka dots and pink florals. They just make me happy!! Find colors that just make YOU happy!

Try layering. A table cloth is just fine, but maybe by adding a couple of layers on top of that table cloth like: fabrics, smaller table cloths or table runners, you will really add lots of color, texture and interest.










Don't be afraid to mix and match fabrics! Polka dots and florals?? Hey, why not!!

Next think about the dishes or plates you would like to use. Maybe you have some fun dishes or china that you haven't used in awhile. Get them out.. dust them off and give them a new time to shine!!

Now I personally do not have the budget or space to have all the fun printed dishes/china that I would like. So the answer for me is easy. Paper plates!! You can find them all over from inexpensive ones at your local Wallmart (they have darling polka dot ones) to discount stores like Tuesday Morning (where I got these floral beauties) or find super cheap solid color ones at the Dollar Tree or 99 cent store. Yep, ya just cant beat them. You'll have lots of colors and prints to choose from and no dishes to clean! If you think paper plates are too flimsy then try doubling them up and they will work just fine. I tell ya paper plates of today are not dull and boring anymore.

Tip: When you have a bright or busy floral or patterned dinner plate and salad plate, break them up a little by adding a solid color napkin underneath the salad plate to make it stand out or pop.

Plus using a charger can also add a lot to your table. I always say invest in a couple of colors that you will use over and over. My personal favorites are gold, silver and black. The flower charges used in this table scape are green flowers and I got them at Michaels for $1 ea. on SALE! I have also found chargers at Big Lots and Hobby Lobby for good prices also. Keep a look out!

Its also a good idea to invest in a basic silverware or gold flatware set. You will use them over and over again. Great ones can be found at T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, Ross or Home Goods.













You can use all kinds of glassware for your table scape or even paper cups (especially now beacuse they come in such fun colors and prints) for this luncheon I used gobblets. This time I decided to put my napkins (I used a solid pink and floral napkin combo. One inside the other.) tucked inside the glass and then I added a little embellishment to make it kinda special. Tiny little bud bouquets found at Michaels and gold chevron ribbon. It would have looked lovely with just solid gold ribbon too, but I had some of this chevron on hand and so I used it. I really love the whole mix & match thing!!










Now you don't have to... but it's kinda fun to have some kind of favor or treat for your guests. In this case my favor was our dessert! Haha!  I really didn't want to have to come up with a dessert, so my go to answer for that is either fruit or candy. Today it was CANDY all the way!! I found these darling polka dot paper cups at Tuesday Morning and they came in a little set with tiny chevron print flags. Can you see it stuck in the red cinnimon heart?? It sorta blends into the polka dot table runner in this shot, so you have to look carefully.

Anyway, I filled them with yummy Milk Chocolate toffee popcorn found at Trader Joes. It is really yummy! My friend Mary Jane told me about them and so I had to go buy some. They are topped off with a hot and spicy cinnamon red heart candy.

Why? You may ask? I don't know I just had them on hand, so I used them. Always use what you have as often as you can.










Now on to the rest of the table. This particular lunch was only for 3 people. (Small intimate gatherings are awesome!) For a table that usally seats 6 it looked kinda empty. So what do you do with that dead space at the end of the table? Well, you could set up your food at that end and have your guest serve themselves buffet style. Or you can do an interesting display. Instead of a centerpiece its a "end piece"! I just went around my house picking things up from here or there, and before you know it BAM!!  A cute display was born!! 

Tip: Don't forget to add things in different heights. Have use items that sit on the table, things sitting on stands or pedestals and then bigger items to the back.













This lunch was also a "thank you" lunch, so since my friends are quilters and sewers, my little gift to them was a small fat quarter bundle to take home. For those who don't sew you may not see the value or give a "hoot" about a fat quarter, but for those of us who do, a fat quarter bundle is a SCORE!! Am I right??










Now most of the time I just stop right there with my table decor, but this time I felt like going a little further. I had purchased a couple of lovely paper umbrellas at a wholesale store called Shinodas (for any of you that live in So. Calif. you may have heard of them) You need  to have a wholesale card to purchase, but they have every thing under the sun. One day while shopping these umbrellas called to me, so I bought 3 (pink, green and blue). What could I do they were calling to me!! 

Anyway, my hubby helped me tie the green one to our light fixture and I added a couple of mixed silk flowers I had on hand a "whaa-laa" there you go. A little something extra.













Alrighty! Now I felt I was getting somewhere! See how it all comes together! FUN right??










OK I'm done I thought!! But wait what food was I going to prepare for them to eat?? Well... thats a whole other blog post.

I hope I have helped you see how fun and easy it can be to decorate a table for a lovely luncheon. Next time you want to do something special for your family and friends. Let your creativity shine!! It will help them see just how much you love and appreciate them.

And remember to keep your eyes and ears open when shopping for fun paper goods, colorful table linens and sweet yummy treats.



Wed February 5, 2014










Give a darling Valentines Day banner to your special Valentine. They are so cute to decorate a window, hutch, wall or doorway.










Fun playing cards threaded on to red ribbon and embellished with fabric ties of all prints.

They come in Diamonds or Hearts. Find them in our Etsy shop. Only $6


Next are super cute quilted Zipper Heart Pouches. They are just perfect for giving: candy, treats, money, gift cards, jewelery or most any little thing! Say I LOVE YOU this Valentines Day with a Heart Pouch!! Also found in our Etsy shop. Purchase now to ensure Valentines Day delivery.


Tue February 4, 2014










A super "sporty" family game night was my theme for our latest family dinner. It was really fun to pull together and pretty easy to do too. 

I decided to go with a color scheme of Black, Green and Silver. Not sure why.. but that's what I did! I began my table design with my trusty white table cloth (I use it ALL the time, it's my total "Go to" table cloth), then I layered on top with runners of Black and white stripe fabric and Black with metallic silver polka dots (both fabrics found at Joanns) Next I placed the centerpiece and acouple of ping pong paddles.(I must admit I kinda liked the pop of color from the red/black ping pong paddles!) Then of course I had to add a white doily to accent it a little! 










The individual palace settings included a silver charger, white plate and black bowls. (all things I have on hand and use over and over)

 Each person got a fun little kiddy mini game. 













Used green polka dot and multi stripe napkins crossed in an X to represent the X Games (of course)! Haha!










Everyone got their own kettle corn popcorn. I loved the bright green stripe containers. (Thank you Party City), and the tiny black and white stripe cups (Home Goods) filled with peanut M&M's. Always a family favorite!!










The centerpiece was a large glass container filled with green moss (found at Walmart), mini sports balls (Party City) and colored dice (we already had from a boardgame). I whipped it up in about 10 min. That's my kind of centerpiece!!













I put a high banner of playing cards up, so it didn't block anyones view. Then added ribbon streamers down each side. Just used small black boxes filled with pinto beans to weigh them down then put dowls (bought at Michaels) in the center and tied the playing card banner on them.


It was a really fun night. We watched the Super Bowl, played ping pong, and a super fun game of "Heads Up"!! (The Anderson women rule!!) It's a very fun game if you haven't tried it. It is played all the time on "ELLEN". I found our game at Walmart. I think it was even on sale!

This Game Night theme table would be a great idea for a bithday party or sports team party or just for your family. 


Wed January 22, 2014













I decided to do a Chinese New Year theme for our latest family dinner party. We were celebrating a birthday for my daughter in law and a one year anniversary for my son and daughter in law and a 30 year anniversary for my husband and I. I wanted it to be fun and special!!













I started with my go to white table cloth and gold table runner. I believe I got the table cloth at T.J. Maxx and the gold table runner at Home Goods. For the placesettings I found darling paper plates at Party City along with the gold paper napkins that I folded lengthwise and tucked under the plate. Don't forget the gold chargers. I would highly reccommend to invest in Gold, Silver and Black chargers. They will go with hundreds of table scape ideas. They are also very inexpensive too. I got my gold ones at Big Lots and they can be found at Michaels and Hobbie Lobbie also. Usually only about a couple of dollars each, sometimes less. (Save those Michaels and Hobbie Lobbie coupons)













The centerpiece was super easy and inexpensive. I bought 3 red chinese food containers at Party City and filled them with fresh roses from my garden along with artificial flowers I got at Joanns (on sale I might add). Then I went to the internet and found a chinese image and copied it and glued it to the center container. I have no idea what it says... if anything at all, but sure hope if it does say something that its something good!! To finish it off I placed some gold and white stripe paper plates under each container for added interest. Got them at T.J. Maxx.













Here is a closer look. You can totally do this and it couldn't be easier!!













Actually the whole idea for this Chinese New Year theme came from these adorable red fans. I came across them in the garage while I was searching for something. I have had them for years (can't remember where I got them) and decided that they should be used. So see ya never know where your inspiration may come from! Next I put a pair of chopsticks (also purchased at Party City) at each place setting. They looked so cute, but lets get real we all went and got forks!! We were hungry!!













It was my daughter in laws birthday this month and so we wanted to celebrate her special day, so I made birthday cupcakes and topped them with these darling fruit picks. ( I also found at Party City.) They come in pineapple as shown here, or limes, cantalopes and strawberries. I loved them!!













What would a Chinese New Year party be with out the colorful, sweet little paper umbrellas! These have been my favorite's since I was a little girl. But instead of putting them in our drinks like you see done so many times. I decided I wanted them to stand up. The only thing I had that was gold and would do the trick were chocolate gold coin candies. I really liked how they turned out because not only did they stand up really well, but they looked just like little patio umbrella's. Sometimes ya just gotta think outside the box!!














Theme parties or dinners are such a blast to do and are really not that hard. So maybe you'll want to think of fun ways that you can spruce up your next family get together or party!! And just go for it!! 

For more party ideas and fun tablescapes follow me on Pinterest.

Wed January 22, 2014













A bright, fun festive table is as easy as one, two, three!! 










A Christmas table scape of reds and greens really will make your holiday merry and bright!










My centerpiece is a lovely combination of red roses, green mums, hydranjas, pinecones and greenery.










The individual placesettings were made using red quilted scalloped placemats (Home Goods), gold chargers (Big Lots), my Christmas dishes, peppermint print salad paper plates (Tuesday Morning), plus gold flatware.










These fun and delightful Elf shoes are made with scrapbook paper, pom poms and sleeves of Oreo cookies found at Costco. I found the idea on Pinterest. 










Candy canes never looked so cute than to make them as little name card holders. Idea found on Pinterest also.













Are these the cutest or what?? I love these Grinch Kabobs!! Buy green grapes, strawberries, banannas and mini marshmellows. Slide them on some wooden skewers and there you go!! The cutest Christmas kababs ever!! I put them in our sparkling cider and they looked darling.










Here is a fun overview shot!











Hope you got an idea or two.

Follow me on Pinterest and see where I found all these fun ideas!

In the end lets just say that it's all about family. And for me these crazy people are mine!! Love them!!


Wed January 22, 2014













Looking for an elegant, easy, unique way to decorate your dinner table for a fall or Thanksgiving Day celebration? Try adding different details to your tablescape then you can really celebrate the holidays in style.










A centerpiece filled with coral roses, daisies, pinecones and lots of fresh fruit and veggies can add beauty and interest. Artichokes, pears, clementines and pumpkins were some of my choices.










Here's a closer look. I also forgot to mention the feathers and the greenery (I used parsley and carrot tops!)

















Napkins held in place with a fresh coral rose, parsley and a feather.









See how it all comes together with a white table cloth and burlap runner down the center. Adding the gold chargers and flatware gives a feeling of elegance.













With some simple little decorating touches like these you can make your table as remorable as the meal itself.


Fri October 25, 2013

You may have seen the fun Halloween surgical glove candy treats for kids in the past. (They are the ones where you take a surgical glove and fill it with candy, popcorn etc. and tie a ribbon at the end. We even put plastic spider rings on them.!)  I made them years ago for my grade school boys' Halloween parties and the kids always loved them.

Anyway this is kind of a different more sophisticated, glamorous version of that. 

I call them Spooky Glamour Gloves!!












Here's how I made them.

Materials Needed:

1 pair of Womens Evening gloves

2 yards of black tulle/netting on the roll. (6 inches wide)

Black Thread 


Assorted candies and treats 

Plastic Glamour rings













STEP 1  I bought a pair of black evening gloves. (They do not need to be long they can be short, you're just going to cut them anyway.) I got mine at Walmart for under $3 in the Halloween costume section.













STEP 2  I cut off about 5 inches. Making them pretty much the size of short gloves. (If you already have short gloves disregard this step)

















STEP 3 Take your black tulle/netting and cut a 2 yard piece.  Fold it in half to 1 yard, so that your piece is now doubled in thickness.













STEP 4  Now fold the 1 yard piece in half width wise. Your piece should still be 1 yard long, but now it is 1/2 as wide and the thickness is X 4. Are ya still with me??

Your netting piece should have a folded side and a salvage side. (Where you can see all the individual layers) Pin here and there on the open salvage side. You are going to be sewing your ruffle on the end with the fold. It will really help with stabilazation. Trust me!!

















STEP 5  Take your glove (cut end) right side out and begin sewing and attaching your tulle/netting. Remember sew with the folded side. Sew all the way around the glove gathering or pleating as you go. I pleated mine. When you get all the way around if you have extra tulle/netting just cut if off.

















STEP 6 Your glove should look something like this. I sewed mine with white thread so you could see. 

















STEP 7  Begin fluffing your tulle/netting if desired. Or you can have it stay a little more flat. Whatever works for you.













STEP 8 Now comes the stuffing and filling part. I used tootsie rolls, pixie sticks and smarties for the fingers. And then used things like: kisses, candy corn, mini bags of M&M's even ring pops to fill the hand area. You can also use popcorn, mini candy bars, etc.













STEP 9  Don't for get to add the GLAM!!! Got these plastic ring beauties at Walmart also. A bag of 6 for 99 cents. You will want to tie a ribbon bow at the end also. Any fun ribbon will do.

















STEP 10 Tie your pretty bow just under the gathered tulle/netting and slide the ring onto the ring finger and Whaa laa. Your done!! 













And there you have it!! Spooky Glamour Gloves to give as gifts to little girls, teens or women of all ages. They would be a perfect favor for a Halloween Party or special dinner party.

Hope you have fun making them and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!