Tue October 22, 2013












Our Halloween table for 2013! I used lots of spiders, skulls and a little lace. Here's how I pulled it all together...













I began with a foam pumpkin (one I used from last year) and filled it with Johnny Jump ups in lovely harvest colors. (You could totally use silk flowers) Plus I added a bit of spanish moss for effect. Of course I had to add my little crow friend. I also purchased a couple of Halloween candelabras to really set the mood. I bought them at Big Lots. They are really cool cuz when they light up, the flames even flicker just like a spooky breeze is blowing. OOoooohh. 












The placesettings were so fun to do! I bought black chargers at Big Lots for $1 and orange plates at the Dollar Tree and the paper plates from Joanns Fabric. Who knew Joanns had such cute paper goods! The RIP coffins we have had for years and the spider lace fabric came from Joanns also. I used a tan fabric underneath and it gave it a very old vintage feel. Oh I almost forgot to tell you about the table runner down the center of the table, it is a super easy pattern from "My Girlfriends Quilt Shop" you can make them in about 10 min. and they are so cute. Find the info. to make them here. Kris and Kim have the best ideas. You will want to check out their website, blog, and the quilt shop if you are in Utah. To finish it off the napkin holders are the white plastic cheap-o vampire teeth from Walmart. I thought it was such a fun idea (got it from Pinterest).
















Next with the help of my Hubby (actually he made all of these) we added Pumpkin Spider candles. Just buy a mini pumpkin goard in the produce dept of the grocery store and carve out the center and add a tea light or votive candle. I got mine candles at the Dollar Tree. Then poke 4 holes on each side and incert black pipe cleaners. Bend to look like legs and there you go. Super easy and super cute!!












Also at Dollar Tree I picked up a couple of black frames and used a piece of the napkin as a background (I didn't want to look for orange scrapbook paper, I was too pooped) then I went online and found some free Halloween printables. Cut them out, added a bit of glue and whaaala! Darling little frames to add to the table.












Of course I had to add our friendly skeleton and skull head friends. I have had these for years. When you have only boys, you've got to add skeletons and skulls. Right?












The next thing I added this year was this fun jar of Halloween candy corn mixed with eyeballs, skulls, spiders, etc. It was interesting to look at and really yummy to nibble on!!












This year the same as last year I used our styrofoam tombstones for decorative chairbacks tied with ribbon. I really love that idea. They can be found most everywhere and they are very inexpensive. I think I got mine at the Dollar Tree.












I think that pretty much fills you in on what I did to create this table scape. Hopefully you've found an idea or two that you would like to try for your Halloween dinner this year.

Have a safe and HAPPY HALLOWEEN all!!




Mon September 23, 2013

No one loves polka dots more than me! And Red polka dots....well they're just about the BEST!!

Take a peek at my latest Family Sunday Dinner table scape.













I began with a white table cloth, then added a wide red polka dot piece of fabric, layered with a smaller burlap runner on top. (Remember people its all about the layers!!)  Next I put a fairly large round vintage linen doily in the middle. OK now the tablecloth part was done.











Alrighty now on to the centerpiece... so off to the garden I went to find as many roses as I could. Luckily we had red, bold pinks, light pinks and yellow. Don't you just love roses?? I also put a bit of greenery in too. Makes it nice and full. Then came the apples! I always think of apples when I think of September. Beautiful crisp apples. Love the red and green ones!










Next I got out the gold chargers to accent my new red polka dot plates that I found at Tuesday Morning. (And even on CLEARANCE!!) Yep, I was lovin that!!

I used my ever versitle gold cloth napkins and learned how to fold them like this from Pinterest. (Isn't Pinterest just the BEST!!)  They were super easy to do and I really liked how the gold flatware looked peeking out. Then for a final touch, I used white or green silk flowers for just a little pop!













I really liked how it all turned out. At first I thought that the red polka dot was maybe just a bit too much, but when it was offset with the gold and florals I changed my mind and thought it ended up pretty perfect.

The best part I must admit though, was not the decorations or the dinner, but having all my family here sharing it with me!


Tue July 2, 2013

Begin with a wonderful spot in your yard or porch that has plenty of shade. Then choose a comfortable chair or bench. Add a fabric cushion or chair pad for comfort. These patio white wicker chairs are my favorite.

Now it's time to add a little side table or plant stand. Perfect for placing your ice cold lemonade or book. Begin adding a few plants and flowers. Use different sizes and heights and all different kinds of pots. I put a sweet Pixie garden in an urn and placed it on the table.

Now comes the fun part where you take all your outdoor collectables like: birdhouses, little statues, garden signs, etc. and place them all around adding lots of whimsy and interest and making it your own special place. I have a thing for birdhouses and bunnies!!

For the finishing touch add lots of your favorite little treasures. I chose a vintage table cloth on the side table, one of my favorite quilts, lovely magazines, more pillows and even a sweet little bird in a nest. Can you spot him?

What ever your interest may be or how big or small your space. Take the time this summer to create your own quiet spot for reading, chatting on the phone or just meditating. It's really fun to do and on those days when a new magazine arrives or when your just looking for some peace and quiet you'll be so glad that its there.

Tue July 2, 2013

Our latest baby shoe pattern from Curbys Closet is here. 

 It's our 11th baby shoe style and this one is a real deal too. Its three patterns all in one. You can choose the tear drop style (shown in blue) or the scallop style (shown in orange) or maybe even the scallped tab (shown in yellow)

Make your favorite or sew all three!!


To order patterns:



Happy sewing!!

Wed May 15, 2013

Just thought that I would share some of my images of spring!!







Growing tomatoes for the first time.







Roses going on and on....






Adding flowers to the front porch.







A little sweet flower cart!







Two of my favorite flowers: Delphiniums and foxgloves!






A childhood favorite : Snapdragons

Just a few images to inspire you or put a little spring in your step.

Mon April 8, 2013

I found these candies at the Dollar Tree and thought they were just the cutest. Little "Jelly Belly" candies shaped like carrots and peas.  Since I didn't use them for Easter dinner I knew that they would be great for a springtime Sunday brunch. But how to use them was the question....

Well, I decided to go with a "Mr. McGregors garden theme" and so I wrap them in cello bags tied with string and sat them in little nests on each place setting. I even had little shovels and rakes to add with them.







I saw this carrot top centerpiece idea on Pinterest and thought it would look kinda cute and it really make a statement and it was SOOO easy. Just buy carrots with the tops still on. I used 3 small bunches. Then I got my glass cilinder vase filled in half way with water and done! (I must add that sometimes the green carrot tops are too long and hang down way too far, so I had to gather them up in the center and tie them with a twist tie.)


















With a frayed burlap table runner, a white paper doiley,  a little bunny and large nest the centerpiece was complete. The carrots really gave that pop of color too!!







It all came together really quickly, nicely and had a springtime garden feel.

It's funny ya just never know where the begining of an idea will come from.

This time,  mine was from a little bag of "Jelly Belly" candies! Who knew!!


Sat March 2, 2013

My husband wanted to throw this old table out. Can you blame him? It looked horrible and had been outside for years. It was broken, warped and in several pieces. But there was something about this table that I just loved. It had such cute legs and unique undercarriage. Now you may have agreed with my husband after viewing this picture, but hopefully in the end you'll agree with me that it was worth saving.










It took him quite a few hours..










But he finally got it pieced, glued and screwed back together. I knew my guy could do it!!










Now it's all nicely sanded and ready to paint. It's getting there.













I got to work with my black and white paint, cuz I invisioned  a classic look. (You probably never thought that this old table could look classic did ya?)













Isn't it amazing what paint, varnish and a few little painted accents can do? (I must admit it was several coats tho)










And by accents I mean even rick rack!













And whaa laa! With a whole lot of vision, a few hours of elbow grease, a little paint and rick rack. A display table is born!

Perfect for my little shop.

Next time your thinking of throwing away a interesting or treasured piece, be sure it cannot be salvaged into something wonderful!!

Be creative and see it in a new light.


Tue February 26, 2013

Make it a fun Oscar or movie night with some of these easy table decoration ideas.













Mix a gold and beige tablecloth with coordinating table runner accented with black and white polka dot ribbon and you'll add a little glitz and texture. The ribbon is just tucked under the table runner so its very easy to remove.











Didn't have a chance to get fresh flowers but you can put together an easy table centerpiece with lovely white silk flowers. Mix and match different kinds too. Embellish it with an Oscar print out (from the internet) and more polka dot ribbon. Lets face it Oscar has needed a bow!











Now for fun, how about individual printable Oscars for each guest or family member tied to Ballots to cast durring the Academy Award ceremony. See who has the most correct guesses. Just letting you know it wasn't me. Dang it!











Gold chargers and black paper plates and gold flatware keep the Oscar colors going strong. Nobody said you can't mix gold flatware and paper plates. Heck you could do it the other way around too. (Gold paper plates and black flatware. Whatever works for you!)













I got these individual movie markers for place cards. Found them at a party store. Now if that doesn't say Oscars or movie night I don't know what does!!














When it comes all together it is such a fun way to get into the Academy Award spirit. Try something like this for next years Oscars or for a movie night anytime!

Best wishes...

Tue January 29, 2013

Ever thought of making your own Baby Shoes? Thought that it was WAY TO HARD?? Thought that it would probably take days to finish??

Well let me just say... I'm gonna change your thinking.

You can make your own quilted baby shoes in an afternoon with our easy to sew Curbys Closet Baby Shoe kits. All you need is a sewing machine, thread, scissors, and pinking sheers.














Choose from bandanna Cowboy boots, pink floral T-straps, red or tan Oxfords, floral Mary Janes or Hawaiian Criss Cross Shoes. More added soon so check often.









Everthing you need is included in our kits: pattern, pre quilted fabric, embellishments like: buttons and ribbon or notions like: velcro, eyelets or even shoe laces. Whatever you need to complete a pair of shoes.

And the bonus is they are fun and easy to make!!


Be the hit of the baby shower!! Be the talk of the town!!

Bust out that sewing machine and give a gift from the heart!!


You can find all these baby shoe kits and more in our ETSY SHOP.


If your still not conviced you want to make a pair of Curbys Closet baby shoes yourself. Finished baby shoes are available also.





Thu December 20, 2012

I hate to admit it but it's Dec, 19th and I just finished putting up my Christmas decorations!! Pretty bad huh? Oh well, some years are just like that. Hopefully some of you can relate.

Now that they are up I am so delighted. I guess I'm finally in the holiday spirit!

Here's a peek of Christmas at our house.

The tree is by far my most favorite thing. Not because it's so great or grand, but because it holds so many sweet memories.

I made these Santa ornaments probably 16 years ago. I just painted a santa face on a white glass ornament and tied on a little raffia. They have really held up well.

But the most precious ones to me are the photo ornaments. They show our family all through the years. It is so fun to see my boys so little and Roger and I so young! This picture of Ryan and Brett and I is one of my favorite photos. It seems like a million years since they were that small. When people come over they love to look at all the pictures on the tree and it's fun to share our memories with them. Plus it's always good for a few laughs!!  It's a really fun idea you otta try it!

This is my newest addition to our decorations this year. I made a chalkboard tray. I saw the idea on Pinterest (of course) and it turned out so cute I made a dozen or more as gifts this year. Add a plate of cookies and it's a really great gift idea!! Last year I made these coffee filter buntings with doilies and tiny wreaths. They are kind of fun and festive!

This year I also made a new tablerunner. Pieced and quilted it all by myself. Believe it or not I think I'm kinda getting the hang of this whole "free motion quilting" thing! It was a great way to use up some of my Christmas fabric stash!

Nothing really new in this picture this year. I just like have decorations in the entry way as you come in the door.


So that's a little mini tour of my holiday home. Hope you enjoyed it and maybe picked up and idea or two.