Thu December 13, 2012

When I think of wooden clothes pins I usually think of doing the laundry the "old fashion way". Do any of you remember hanging clothes on the clothes line? I was kinda little, so my job was to hold the basket or hand my mom the clothes pins as she hung them on the line in our back yard. Boy, there's a flash back for ya!

Well, these are NOT that kind of clothes pins. These are quilted, cute, decorative and just a little WONKY too. Plus they have nothing to do with the laundry. They are for decorating packages or gifts. Maybe even holding on the card or tag. Take a look....

Wouldn't you love getting or giving a fun gift in something cute like this??


Or how about a little something sweet in a cute bag like this??

Our little quilted wonky flower clips just adds something special. You almost hate to open it, it's so cute! Right?

You can make them yourselves very easily or you can purchase them in our Etsy Shop for $3.99 and all of the cutting and gluing will be done for you. Plus they come in a clear cello bag tied with a bow.

We have Multi packs of 5 different colors of pins or a packs of all pink variations.


They have so many uses: get organized and clip all your papers together, add a magnet to the back to hold pictures on the fridge, or you can use them as a decorative bookmark.

Any way that you use them they are fun and cute! Besides who doesn't need a little Wonky flower in their life!!

Thu December 13, 2012

We introduced our new Quilted Baby Collar Patterns at the Houston Quilt Market in November 2012. We we're so excited when we totally SOLD OUT!! Everyone seemed to love them and they were thrilled to see easy they are to make.

These baby collars are such a different and unique way to dress up a plain onesie or t-shirt or even a sweet dress. And they are so fun and easy to make you will be delighted to make one, two or even more. If you are not a quilter you can also make these baby collars using the heat and bond method.

The pattern includes 8 collar styles and 6 embellishments for both baby boys and baby girls. Everybody loves the little boys necktie !

We have kits too! Each kit comes with the baby collar pattern and 2 pre-quilted fabric squares. All you have to do is cut and sew. They couldn't be easier!!


Sailor collars and scallop collar patterns are included too!

Say "NO" to "Plain and boring" onesies! Make your favorite baby a Curbys Closet Baby Collar. They'll be stylin thats for sure!!

Find our Baby Collar patterns at Curbys Closet or our Etsy Shop.

Always something fun and new at Curbys Closet!!

Mon December 10, 2012

We are so happy and excited to add 2 more adorable quilt patterns to our CURBYS CLOSET quilt pattern collection. Each one is so unique and very fun to make! They are both designed by our talented quilt designer Cindi Hatch. Take a look and see what I'm taking about.

This first quilt pattern is called "Oh My Stars" and you will be saying "Oh my, how easy to make these perfect star points!!" Don't you just love patterns where the points come out perfect! And with ease! The fabric used is a darling collection from BLEND FABRICS called Babysaurus. If you haven't heard about Blend you've got tot check them out! The center block has a couple of variations too! If you like cute, easy stars you just gotta try this one.


This next fun quilt pattern is super cute and super easy!  It's called "I See Shapes" and you really will be seeing shapes! Lots and lots of darling hearts, stars, triangles, circles and more! They are so easy and fun to make because they are raw edge applique! Don't you just LOVE raw edge applique?? Such a cool look and they whip up so fast.

Both of these quilt patterns were featured in our booth (along with our other 3 wonderful quilt patterns from Cindi Hatch) at the Houston quilt market last month. I wish you could see them in person cuz they are each so dang cute!!

Anyway, if you would like to order either of these new quilt patterns, you will find them at or in our etsy shop.

Wholesale orders are welcome for quilt shops on our website or by emailing

Have fun and keep on quilting!!



Tue August 14, 2012

Take a look at our newest Curbys Closet baby shoe pattern. Its a fun Criss Cross shoe. Can you believe we have 10 baby shoe patterns! Yep, here’s #10.

They are fun and easy to make. They have a rounded toe with double straps that make it easy to slip on and off.

Find the patterns on our website or etsy shop.

Also look for pre-quilted fabric squares and baby shoe kits.

Make a pair in under 2 hours!!


Sat June 23, 2012


We absolutely LOVE it when our customers email us pictures of the things they make with our patterns. It just makes our day! I just had to share this one with you, cuz it is Sooooo adorable!!

These pictures were sent to us by Deb Park. She made this sweet quilt for her daughter-in-law for their newest granddaughter. She told me that she loved the pattern very much and that it had really easy to follow instructions. She went on to say that they loved it so much that they designed the babies nursery around it. Isn’t that wonderful? I can just imagine how adorable that nursery must be!

What little baby wouldn’t love cuddling up in this sweet and precious quilt? I think that the log cabin style block has never looked cuter. Notice the raw edge applique leaves on each blossom and fun little flowers in the corners. And Deb your workmanship looks wonderful too! Nice job!


This quilt was made with  our “SWEET ENGLISH POSIES” quilt pattern from Curbys Closet. Designed by Cindi Hatch (my talented Sister!) It is very fun and easy to make.

You can purchase it on our website or in ourEtsy Shop along with our other quilt pattern “BERRY BASKET” also designed by Cindi Hatch. They are two of the cutest quilt patterns you ever did see!

Thank so much Deb for sending us these wonderful photos and for giving me permission to share them!

Be sure to look for NEW quilt patterns, baby shoes and other fun things coming soon at CURBYS CLOSET!


Tue April 3, 2012

Spring is in the air and I got the "bug" to decorate a I decided to have a family Sunday Brunch. The centerpiece I chose was really sweet and a super easy one... soft lovely blue pansies in little tin buckets! Home Depot had a sale on 6 packs for 99 cents. Such a deal! I decided to go with another easy peasy idea... and use paper plates. No dish washing involved. You can find some really darling ones at Tuesday Morning. I have found that most any paper plate looks great with a charger underneath. So that's my tip of the day for ya! I got the quilted table runner and napkins there too.(it was awhile ago tho). If you have a Tuesday Morning in your area you have to check them out! My color palate was robins egg blue and brown. If you have seen any of my other table scapes you know that I love to do layers, mixing fabrics and using different prints. It is just so fun for me! I love how the brown polka dot fabric just pops and adds contrast! To finish off the table I used vintage napkins (I have collected them for years) and tied them to the back of my chairs with brown ribbon. It added just the right final flair to the table. We all had a lovely day and our brunch menu consisted of: yummy Ham and bacon quiche, croissant chicken salad sandwiches, fruit salad, green salad and fruit juices. It was so fun to be all together and enjoy the company of family and friends. Good times for sure!

Tue March 13, 2012

My new favorite fabrics are found at "BLEND FABRICS"!! They have such yummy, delightful prints, styles and colors!! You have got to take a look. Blend fabrics is a division of "Anna Griffin". “Blend is a collective of many artists work, a mixture of styles, and a celebration of talent,” said Anna Griffin, president of Anna Griffin, Inc.  “Blend Fabrics is a high-end textile design company that supplies fabrics and licensed designs to major retailers, independent retailers and e-commerce retailers worldwide.” Sounds fantastic right! CURBY'S CLOSET is promoting our baby shoe patterns using BLEND FABRICS. And let me tell you it is a great combo! We are even showcasing some of their amazing fabrics on 3 of our most popular pattern covers. Let's just say... they look adorable!! See their blog for more details. Some of my favorite collections are: Babysaurus, Magic Garden and Homespun Chic. If you are looking for new, bright, fun fabrics for your sewing or quilting projects take a look at Blend Fabrics! You will not be disappointed. Their fabrics are so lovely in person and were a joy for me to sew and create with. Quilt Shop owners will love these fabrics! They will look fabulous in your shop and your customers will love them too! Free patterns and projects are offered on their website also. Yay!! I LOVE FREE PATTERNS!! Don't you? Follow "Blend Fabrics" on facebook and Pinterest.

Tue February 7, 2012

{EAV:4368ca8d759feff1} Yep, you heard me right! I said you can "make your own quilted baby shoes"!! You don't even have to be a quilter, but you do need to know how to sew. These sweet baby shoes are so fun to make and  pretty easy too! With our Curbys Closet Quilted Baby Shoe kits you can whip up a pair in a couple of hours!! How COOL  is that!! Here is an example of our Mary Jane Baby Shoe Kit. Everything you need is included. Pre-quilted fabrics and easy to follow patterns are all ready to for you. Plus ribbon, buttons and even velcro are included. Darling little shoes like these can easily be handmade by you. What a precious gift for a friend or family member. You will be the " hit"  of any baby shower with these little gems wrapped in a bow!! Perfect for when you want a fun little project to do. Curbys Closet Quilted Baby Shoe Kits can be purchased in our ETSY shop.  So stop on by soon. We have several little girl shoe kits and even a little boy cowboy boot kit also.

Wed December 14, 2011

  Let the holiday's begin... This year I decided to make a red ribbon wreath for the front door. I can't remember where I saw this idea ( I would have definitely given the link) but i just knew I had to make one. If you can tie a knot you can make this wreath. Trust me it's really very easy. I began with a 12" strofoam wreath form and 2 1/2" wide red satin ribbon. (Lots of it, got mine at Costco) I would say at least 25 yrds. Cut your ribbon into pieces measuring approx. 16" inches long and tie each one around the stro wreath and make a knot.  Continue all the way around the wreath until it is all filled in. Afterwards trim the inside ribbon ends evenly and the outside ribbon ends also. It's really just that fast and easy!! I decided to embellish my wreath with 3 white felt rosettes that I just learned how to make. You can find the tutorial for the rosettes here at Inspirations by D.  (Take a look around on her blog she has lots of great ideas and neat things!) These roses are very easy to do also. Then I added quilted leaves (from scrap quilt fabric) and a red and white checked bow! And WHALA!! I'm good to go! This wreath would look lovely in green ribbon or even white. Whip one up in an afternoon and add a splash of RED to your holiday decor. I'm finally getting into the Christmas spirit!!

Fri November 25, 2011

This Thanksgiving was kind of a last minute thing pulled together at my house. (We weren't exactly sure where we were going to have it this year, either my house or my Mom's.) So since I wasn't totally prepared I threw some things together last minute. I borrowed china and table ware from my mom and clipped most of the flowers in my backyard. Thank heavens it turned out ok! I just adore the "Old English Roses" pattern of china that my Mom has. She always uses it on special occasions. It totally reminds me of her. I had gold chargers and gold flatware so it worked great! Thank goodness I still had several roses and the loveliest hydrangeas I've seen in years in my back yard. So I just clipped away!! My hubby bought me this pumpkin for Halloween, we didn't carve it, so he hallowed it out and it became our instant container. Perched on a wire urn with a little Spanish moss did the trick! A sample of one of the individual place settings. These are glasses that my Mom got as a wedding gift in 1946. They are a pretty vintage pink and I totally LOVE them!! As you can see I also borrowed many of her serving pieces too! Thanks Mom! The cutest little favor I found to make this year were these acorns. I had  a cluster of them for each person. They are really quite yummy and super easy to make. Here's all you need to do: Acorn Treats Doughnut holes ( either from the grocery store or doughnut shop) Melted Chocolate  (I used milk chocolate chips) Chopped nuts or sprinkles Pretzel sticks   Melt your chocolate in the microwave. Roll the top of the doughnut hole in the chocolate. Then roll the top in either nuts or sprinkles. Snap pretzels in half. Insert pretzel piece into the top of the doughnut hole. Repeat And there you go you're done! How great is that? So fast and so easy!! I can actually say that they were really fun too! Make a batch and enjoy......