Thu November 10, 2011

Today I was sent this email from Maxine Ramey from "A Stitch in Time" quilt shop in  Franklin, North Carolina: Hi Chris, We have all fallen in love with your shoe designs! We have a free weekly demo at our shop called "Tuesday Technique" and yesterday we featured your shoes. I had advertised that it would be the cutest demo ever and we had a good turnout. (I keep the topic a secret until the moment the class starts so everyone gets so excited!). We made a video and I wanted to share that with you. This video was such a nice surprise and I would love to share it with you. It runs about 10 min. It was a huge compliment and so fun for a designer to get this kind of feedback. It nearly brought tears to my eyes. (And I'm not kidding!) I got to thinking what a great idea this is for the ladies that frequent this quilt shop. Every Tuesday they get a fun surprise! The quilt shop has all the patterns, notions and supplies that are needed for these Tuesday Technique days. In this video Maxine not only gives a great demo on my Curbys Closet quilted baby shoes, ( and she made some very cute ones to boot!) but she also shows a new kind of batting she carries for craft projects, different scissors for different projects and the most amazing fabric pens I've ever seen!! They are awesome! You have to watch the video just for the pen demo. if for nothing else.  If you already know about these pens and use them, please leave a comment and tell me how you like them. Wasn't that fun? And was I right about the pens? I had never seen ones that could be removed with heat. And so easily too. Very Cool!! Now may I give a big, sincere THANK YOU to Maxine and  "A stitch in Time" quilt shop for this  wonderful video! A reminder: if you live or visit,  in or around the Franklin, North Carolina area be sure to drop by and see all the wonderful fabrics, patterns and notions at "A Stitch in Time" quilt shop and tell Maxine that Chris at Curbys Closet sent ya!  

Sun October 30, 2011

This years Halloween table scape is all about the layers. I began with black and white plaid fabric, next black and orange big dot fabric and then an pumpkin orange floral fabric trimmed in lace.   My centerpiece was a black crow in a "guilded pumpkin carriage" sitting on a bed of spanish moss and accented with little faux pumpkins.   Of course I couldn't forget the famous Anderson skull candles!   Or my favorite Debbie Mumm Halloween plates. I use them every year. This year I did add the silver chargers, they were only a dollar each at Walmart.  Such a deal!   What did you do to decorate your table for Halloween?? Shabby or Shrieky or both??

Wed September 7, 2011

Many customers and quilt shops buy our patterns every day and sometimes they send me pictures or post them on their blogs. I thought it might be fun and you might get a kick out of seeing their finished creations made with our one of a kind quilted baby shoe patterns. Let's begin with two sweet pairs made using our Loafer #105 and Baby Shoe patterns #101. Made by Main Street Quilt Cottage And such cute Mary Jane's from pattern #110! Seen on Jelly Roll Girl How about this fun, fun pair of shoes! Our Baby shoe pattern #101. From the French Seam And who can resist these classic black and white Mary Jane's! #110 (Not sure where I saw these) Any baby girl will love these bright and fun Cowboy boots #115! Sent to us from Donna Demby. Made by Theresa. And lets not forget a pair of sweet, precious Ballet shoes for baby! Pattern #125 From Crafts Direct Or a  Rootin Tootin pair of Cowboy Boots Pattern #115 From Lickety Stitch Quilts Such cute fabrics and embellishments and oh so easy to make! Try making a pair and send me your photos, so  I can see your wonderful creations! I'll post more again soon!  

Thu August 25, 2011

I have been doing a lot of cleaning and going through my old clothes and shoes and throwing them away or giving away items that are no longer in style, don't fit me or that I don't really like anymore. I am kind of a "pack rat" normally, but when I get going on cleaning and sorting, I really get the "donate or toss out bug!" But what do you do when you come across a dress and top that you hand embellished in the 90's with tender loving care, that either does not fit any more (and the chances of it ever fitting again are extremely slim) or has holes and damage to severe to fix? Do you toss or donate? Or do you keep them around for sentimental reasons? Do you take pictures to remember them by? Well, I decided to do it all! The light blue top is the one that has the fabric damage. I always wanted to remember this design, so first I took some pictures of it just in case I wanted to ever replicate it again. It's a soft muted basket design with raw edge applique flowers, hearts, leaves and yoyos. All hand quilted to the top. If I recall the yoyo's were found at a antique shop and are made from sweet vintage calico prints. I also did a similar design on the front of a denim dress. This raw edge applique basket design began with a tea stained battenburg doily. (Remember how we used to tea stain every thing?) More of the same vintage yoyo's but this time with vintage button accents. I even embellished the pockets with more lace, fabric and buttons! And then here's the killer... I even embellished matching shoes!! I found these burgandy suede shoes at TJ Max and glued on a fabric bow a tea stained lace rosette and a vintage button in the middle. Let's just say that at the time I thought that I was very cool and super original! Now I will just have to rely on this blog post and my pics to remember them by. I am still debating whether or not to pick every thing off and make them both over again. Hmmm, come to think of it, that would be a lot of picking out! Second thought I think the pics will do just fine!  

Wed July 27, 2011

Our 8th Quilted Baby shoe pattern the High Top is here! They are really fun and easy to make. Great gifts for babies, baby showers, or mother to be gift. I remember putting my baby boys in shoes similar to these, except they were hard and difficult at times to get on their feet. These quilted baby High Tops are soft and warm and easy to put on. They are  perfect little shoes for: Rough and tumble Little boys!! Or sweet and precious little girls ! Buy a pattern or our handmade baby shoes on our website or our patterns are also available in our etsy shop   Thanks for stopping by...  

Tue July 12, 2011

I have meant to show you these 2 darling quilt shops that Roger and I visited this past couple of months. We love stopping in and seeing how they are displaying and selling our Curbys Closet patterns. It's so fun!! Corn Wagon Quilts in Springville Utah is just a totally darling quilt shop! It has a wonderful selection of fabrics and many displays all over their red brick shop. We loved how they displayed our shoes and patterns, right there for all to see as you head for the stairs! Unfortunately, the batteries died in our camera so we only got one shot. Darn it! There was so much more cuteness to show you! If you are in the neighborhood be sure and stop by and tell Marsha (and the gang) "Hi"   for me. Corn Wagon Quilt Co. 303 East 400 South Springville, UT  84663 Next I'd like to show you "Quilters Coop" in Southern California We were so excited to see our patterns and sample shoes displayed so prominently and sweetly in their shop. It really looked great! I so loved all the vintage touches throughout the shop! Their cute bright fun displays and unique vignettes were very inspirational! And they have a huge selection of primitive and Civil War prints. And don't you just love that darling flag quilt?? So stop on by... downtown Temecula is such a fun place to shop. Especially if you love antiques, good food and of course QUILTS!! Be sure to give JoAnn and Drew a big "Hello"!! Quilters Coop 28677 Old Town Front Street Temecula, CA 92590 I would love to go on Road Trips with Roger someday and  visit all our Curbys Closet quilt shops across the USA! Believe it or not that would be quite the trip too. Especially since we have way over 200 shops now! Oh well it would be fun to dream! If you are a quilt shop and are located near by... we might just drop in and see your baby shoe displays, take a few pics  and then feature you on our blog!! Thanks so much one and all!!


Mon July 4, 2011

The inspiration for my table scape this year for our 4th of July dinner, came from my sweet and thoughtful sister Cindi, who sent me these darling little wooden flags. They are the perfect size to put  at each place setting. They are so cute! I am not sure where she got them, but I know that I will use them over and over again. I began with the little flags and then just started pulling things from off my shelves and inside hutches. Like pewter goblets, blue transferware plates and tin cups. Then I remembered my white and blue toile table cloth and it all just started to come together. It's amazing what you can put together last minute from around your house. I just LOVE that!! The blue glass cake plate was a super find at Home Goods a couple of years ago. A dear friend gave me the little painted tea pot and another dear friend gave me the little Uncle Sam box. I thought they all looked perfect together!! Each place setting had a white and blue toile linen napkin tied with red checked ribbon and a little daisy bundle. A silver charger really makes it all pop! I love mixing old with new, primitive with fancy and shinny with dull. It makes it all kind of eclectic!! And to think it all started with those cute  little wooden flags! Now if only the dinner turns out as well!! HAPPY 4th of JULY!!!!

Thu June 30, 2011

Well... an easy and fun to make quilt pattern that is! I am so happy to announce the release of our newest pattern a wonderful and simply adorable quilt. It was designed by my talented quilt designer sister Cindi Hatch and you are going to absolutely LOVE IT!!! Aren't these little posies "Just to DIE FOR!!!" Such a delightful twist on the log cabin design. Cindi thought of every thing... can you see the sweet raw edge applique leaves on each posie and on the flowers in the corners?? Whip one up in a weekend and use the colorful fabrics in your stash. You know that ones that you have in a closet somewhere for years and wish you had a fun project to use them in. Well this is it!! I must say that this precious quilt was the "HIT" of Spring Market this year. I wish you could see it in person, cuz it is SOOO darling!! Can't you just picture giving it as a baby gift or even done in bright colors and draped over a special chair or in soft  muted colors and hung on the wall. The possibilities are endless. So go for it! You can find this pattern on our website or in our Etsy Shop ***If you quilt one or sell them in your shop we would love to see pictures or hear from you. Keep on quilting!!!

Thu May 19, 2011

My first International Quilt Market has come to a close. (Part of me says Hallelujah and part of me says sniff sniff) We are back home and busy filling orders. It was TONS of hard work, mixed with fun, laughter and the thrill of meeting customers, shops and distributors that have helped Curbys Closet along the way. Here are some pics for you too see. Designing the booth was a huge challenge!! We had a teeny tiny budget so creativity and a "trash to treasure" attitude was a must! If I told you all the crazy things that I did with sheets you would die! I showcased the shoes with several vintage baby outfits that I have restored on cute white & black banister stands built by my husband. He also built the adorable white shabby wardrobe cabinet for extra baby dresses. I designed and created  lawn chair slip covers for a sitting area. It was so nice to sit and talk with customers there. The Bug Bag purses were showcased and hung on a fun tree I made from an old silk ficus tree. I was so blessed to have wonderful family (Roger, Brett, Cindi and my mom) and friends (Gina, Kathleen, Quentin, Wendy and Tim) to help me prepare, set up, take down etc. Plus all my sweet friends back home Susan G. Joni, Allison, Susan K. Melissa and Holli,  because of them I do feel that the show was a fabulous success! No one can ever do great things all alone! A highlight of the show for me was meeting  talented people in the industry such as Heather Bailey, Eleanor Burns, Jennifer Bosworth  and the DIY Dish sisters Kim and Kris. Everyone was so darling and so nice! I was also delighted to see and meet many loyal customers, quilt shop owners  and awesome distributors from all over the world! These were probably some of my most favorite moments of the show. Thank goodness sales were good and the quilted baby shoe patterns and my sisters new quilt (Sweet English Posies) were a big HIT!! Look for the "Sweet English Posies" quilt to be available for purchase next month. Either on our website or on etsy. A new baby shoe will be released soon also. Always check back because you just never know what you will find inside  Curbys Closet!! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and twitter too!

Sat April 30, 2011

I am not a super die hard Royal Family watcher or follower, but I guess because of my English heritage I did kind of get into the whole Royal Wedding thing . I really enjoyed watching the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton today. I thought that her dress was just beautiful and so modest,  simple and yet so elegant (it did remind me of the dress that Grace Kelly wore on her wedding day) and Kate looked so pretty in it. I thought that they looked so happy just like you picture in a real fairy tale. (I've always been a sucker for a fairy tale!) I loved seeing them together in the carriage smiling and waving to the crowds. And seeing their sweet first kiss on the balcony. And then seeing kiss #2!! That was a fun surprise! I thought that the wedding cake was very detailed and beautiful. I would have loved to have a slice. How about you? Well, off they go! The new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. I wish them luck and hope that they will have a much better and happier marriage than some of the other Royal couples. It made for a very historical and lovely day!