Fri December 4, 2009

This one is an absolute dandy cookie recipe!! They are easy and yummy too! SUPER EASY CHOCOLATE MINT COOKIES 1 Devils Food Cake Mix 2 Eggs 1/2 cup vegetable oil Approx. 2 Boxes of Andes Mint candies Mix the first 3 ingredients together and drop in spoonfuls onto a cookie sheet. (For best results line cookie sheet with Reynolds "release"foil. Bake at 350 for 8-10 minutes. It's really important that you don't over cook them. Remove from oven and place an unwrapped Andes Mint candy on the top of each cookie. After it starts to melt, use the back of a spoon to gently move the Andes Mint around on each cookie until it is completely melted and cover the top of the cookies like frosting. Allow to cool before serving or stacking on a plate. Or go ahead and eat immediately for a delicious rich warm cookie. Don't forget the milk! TRUST ME EVERYBODY LOVES THESE!! I hope that you all do to! Best wishes and Happy Holidays!!

Tue December 1, 2009

It's "FRESH PICKED FABRICS" in Yorba Linda!! You have got to come and check out the newest most adorable quilt shop in So. Cal. I mean ya just gotta! This is a fairly new quilt shop and the owner Gina Halladay (my sweet friend) has really splashed her fun, creative talents all throughout the shop.

The outside is cute with bright quilts on display and lovely planted flowers!

The inside is even cuter! So come on... let me give you a little tour.

FRESH PICKED FABRICS is home to many, many colors and  bolts of Jumbo Rick Rack. More than you've ever seen! Lots of ribbons too!

"FRESH PICKED FABRICS" also features "CURBY'S CLOSET" Quilted Baby Shoe Patterns, Finished Baby shoes and many adorable, unique "CURBY'S CLOSET" Vintage Baby Dresses and Clothing. All for Sale!

They carry lots of kits for baby quilts, burp cloths and tons of sweet fabrics!

This awesome quilt shop is filled with amazing quilts on display to give you lots of ideas, kits of all kinds to get you going on your next project and lots of funky, fun fabrics!! Try saying that 3 times fast!!

And "FRESH PICKED FABRICS" has a wall of patterns! All kinds. And they sell their own unique "THREADED PEAR" patterns too, which are darling, easy and most can be made in an afternoon or weekend. Look for the "Scrappy Log Cabin" pattern with scalloped ends. So cute!!

Just take a look around and you'll see something wonderful and new around every corner.

And for long arm quilters... "FRESH PICKED FABRICS" is the place for you! Lots of high quality threads in many, many colors. Plus lots of long arm supplies, patterns, you name it!

And speaking of long arm quilting... FRESH PICKED FABRICS includes "CRANBERRY QUILTWORKS" a Gammil Distributor. Come try one out (take a test drive) and get a feel for it. Trust me you'll want to get one.

Hey, isn't Christmas is coming!

Now, this has just been a sample of the wonderful things you'll find at "FRESH PICKED FABRICS". So if you are in the neighborhood. Stop by and say "Hi" to Gina and all her girls! They are friendly, helpful and super knowledgeable. This weekend ( Dec. 3,4,5th) is their GRAND OPENING! So make the trip it's totally worth it and come on in.

Tell them Chris at "CURBY'S CLOSET" sent ya!

Fresh Picked Fabrics is located at:

3810 Prospect Ave. Unit A

Yorba Linda, CA 92886

(714) 223-1701

Store Hours: 10am-6pm (Mon-Sat)

Mon November 16, 2009

I must say that lately I have been asked that question quite a lot. And I am totally thrilled to say that there are several places that you can buy our "Quilted Baby Shoe Pattern". So get your mouse ready or jot this info. down. ONLINE CURBY'S CLOSET BOUTIQUE SHABBY FABRICS FAT QUARTER SHOP BLACKBERRY PATCH CURBY'S CLOSET ON ETSY Or stop in and take a look at the following quilt shops: QUILT SHOPS FRESH PICKED FABRICS in Yorba Linda, CA PINE NEEDLES at Gardner Village in So Jordan, Utah ADRIANNES ATTIC in  Youngsville, LA NANCY'S QUILTS in Palm Dessert, CA GINGERS QUILT SHOP in Upland, CA Take your pick and have lots of fun making our fun Quilted Baby Shoes. Happy Quilting and Happy Sewing!!

Fri October 30, 2009

Last night as I was looking on line for new quilt shops to check out and.... low and behold I came across a wonderful on line quilt shop called "BLACKBERRY PATCH QUILT SHOP". I was really excited to look it over and take a peek. As I checked out the pattern section, guess who's pattern was listed?? Yep, you guessed it. (Or at least I am assuming that you guessed it) it was the CURBY'S CLOSET Quilted Baby Shoe Pattern!!! WOW!!! That was such a fun surprise! I sure hope that lots more quilt shops join them. Be sure to check out BLACKBERRY PATCH QUILT SHOP and see if there is a pattern, fabric, or jelly roll you might just have to have. Well, thanks for letting me share my fun news with you.

Tue October 20, 2009

Last week "Curbys Closet" took part in a community boutique to help raise money for the kids at CHOC Hospital in Orange, California.  The booth looked like a sweet shabby chic baby shop. It all looked darling with a little help from family and friends. Joining me in the "Curby's Closet" boutique was... My sister Cindi and her adorable OOAK fabric covered lighted candles. Perfect for babies room, bathroom, hallway or anywhere you need a little light. And her holiday ones look so cute for your holiday tablesettings. Also joining us was EmmaJane of "Lil Heartbreakers" with her fun baby girl hair bands and bows. They are so cute and look adorable with the "Curby's Closet" vintage baby dresses. My talented husband made a new refurbished display rack for my quilted baby shoes. Believe it or not, he made it from an old mirrored piece that our neighbors were giving away. It went over a mantle and it was painted a ugly navy blue. He added shelves, a base and even wheels for easy moving. Doesn't it match wonderfully with the dress rack he made for me last year?

Wed September 23, 2009

Feel like having a nice dinner basking in the glow of candlelight and almost feeling cool breezes. Well, you don't have to go all the way to the islands to set the mood. At least not in my book. My son was leaving last week to go to Hawaii and I decided kinda last minute (what else is new) to go all out and set a tropical island style table scape. So off to my cupboard I went. I remembered that I had given a Bridal Shower for one of my special gals Nikki  a couple of years ago and she had wanted a beach or tropical theme and thank goodness I had saved most all the decorations.  So out they came. I had purchased a few key pieces at Home Goods like mugs and planters to use for the centerpiece. I had a beautiful aqua table cloth ( I just love that color) and some other pieces to add layers and texture. If you have read any of my blog decorating post before you'll know that I love layers. Try it sometime it is so cool! I have gold chargers from my fancy Christmas table scape last year. Isn't it interesting how they can look casual enough for a tropical theme??  (Come on join me in thinking outside the box!) And take a look at the white paper napkin tied with a shell and jute. How easy is that? Doesn't it make you want to go collect more shells?? I used to love to do that as a kid. Here is the focal point of the centerpiece, a fun bright, tropical planter container filled to the brim with shells of all kinds and all sizes. I even found a little piece of brown netting to peek out over the edges.  Then I sprinkled small and tiny shells all over the table. Then instead of using the mugs for cocoa or something like that. I filled them with tiny shells and a big fat chunky orange candle. Light them and you'll get instant romance or drama. So next time you want to add a little tropical flair to your table. Get out the mugs, planters, gold chargers and shells and you can create a lovely, calm island paradise that your family/friends will love. And don't think that decorating the table is just for girls, cuz guys really love and appreciate it too. My young adult son said "Mom, you are awesome! You always take it to the next level". Aaawwh! That's so sweet! My challenge.... take it to the next level in your home for someone that you love. Party on!!

Sun September 13, 2009

I hope it's still bragging Monday, cuz I'm so excited to tell you all, that I just finished my first CURBYS CLOSET QUILTED BABY SHOE Pattern. WhaaHoo!! Here is a peek at what it looks like. I was encouraged by my sweet friend Gina Halladay of  "THREADED PEAR PATTERNS", QUILTERS BUZZ and "FRESH PICKED FABRICS"( a darling new fabric shop in Orange Co. CA) to make a pattern for my baby shoes.  My first thought was "No way, I have no idea how to make a pattern". So I turned to the wonderful people around me. The front cover was originally designed by my artistic son Brett and myself for my website and then adapted for this pattern by my amazing husband Roger. Thanks dear!  My talented sister Cindi Hatch and I wrote the instructions. I could have never done this with out her. Luckily she has done this before with other quilt patterns. What a gal! Other valuable and awesome helpers were my sweet niece Cloey Hatch and my wonderful friend Kathleen Goodman. And last but certainly not least my fantastic Mother who encouraged me to do it and donated a little "seed money " to help me get going. So ladies...if you love to quilt, sew or give adorable, unique baby gifts this is a pattern that you will really love.  I would say that this pattern is for beginners with some sewing and/or quilting experience. This pattern would be awesome for quilt groups too! These are what the baby shoes look like finished! In an afternoon you could totally make these! If you like to sew, but don't quilt "no worries". Just purchase a quilted table topper, or place mat and cut out your baby shoes from that. I have made many, many totally adorable baby shoes from both of these items. Now if you are excited and ready to sew. Head on over to the right side of this blog. The patterns are sold on my ETSY and LOLLISHOP stores. Oh... and also, wholesale orders are welcome by contacting me at Oh and I almost forgot... FREE SHIPPING offered to the US and Canada! (Not offered on wholesale orders) I apologize if this was a bit too much bragging, but this is a HUGE deal for me. I am just so excited that it's finished and ready to go!! Best wishes all, Chris

Sun August 30, 2009

I was totally unsure as to what to "Show off" or "Brag" about so I just thought that I would share my final look at our Summer flowers that I blogged about a couple of days ago. Gardening is a hobby that my husband and I share and we enjoy doing it together. We love to watch things bloom and grow and try each year to add some thing new. Flowers have always been such a joy for me and spending time in the garden is truly a labor of love and at times a healing kind of therapy. So please feel free to take a little walk in the Anderson Garden and enjoy some of natures beauties and our favorites!

Wed August 26, 2009

I thought I would share with you some of the last photos I have of my summer beauties. Fall is just around the corner and even in sunny So. Calif. many do not last. Above is a vibrant and lovely blue Lobelia. The tail end of my beautiful foxgloves. I hope they come back next year. Some times they do. Eye popping inpatients! They should be around for most of the year. Yippie, because I love them! And they are super easy. This is an unusual one... its called a thistle flower or bush. It grows kinda wild, but is really quite pretty. This one is a really bright and intense fuchsia color. I hope that you have enjoyed some of my floral beauties these past couple of months. Leave a comment and let me know your favorite or share a summer beauty of your own! I hope you enjoy every last minute of Summer. Best wishes!! Chris

Wed August 19, 2009

Is there a Wedding or Special Occasion coming up for the adorable baby girl in your life? Well if so... be sure to check out the lovely and detailed specialty vintage dresses at Curby's Closet. They are soft and sweet! They are layered and full. They are accented with ribbons, bows and roses. They are in fantastic mint condition!! And...they are available now on our Etsy and Lollishop sites. Come on take a peek! You'll see lots more photos of each dress with a detailed description too. Click on the banners to the right. Remember Etsy and Lollishops are fantastic places to shop!! Trust me I'm a shopping Queen!!