Do they not consider OCC' turnover rates? So your interviewer told you that you are considered for LBS? The Federal Reserve is gov't affiliated, but they aren't a gov't agency. Let’s start! Well, since we are all waiting anxiously, which offices did everyone apply for?! I really want this position, so I might reapply at some point...but I really don't want to. What can you tell me about yourself? My app status for small to mid is unchanged. Also, will they put me on Amtrak instead of flying me into JFK due to the relatively short distance between the cities? Thanks for that big slice of helpful information! The presentation about the program was super informative. If you don't feel comfortable asking them to hold it, just bring it. For all methods of traveling listed above,reimbursement for taxi is provided. Multiple great answers to all these tricky questions will make your life much easier on the big day, and ensure that you won’t remain silent in one of the decisive moments of the interviews…. i was panicking because i thought the invitation email was a phishing scam so i checked the original headers and ssl certs and everything looked fine i guess. Yes, and best of luck to each and everyone of of you. I'm not sure how it works for NYC specifically, because they're hiring for Manhattan, Jersey City and Edison, so IDK if that means 5 for each office or 5 for New York as a whole. Why should we hire you, and not one of the many other applicants for this great job? Anon, that was all unfortunately. Best of luck to you though! Regarding the parameters of the assessment, we believe that all hires at Galactic Fed should be absolute experts in their zone of genius. To me it felt like the offers are done, it's just hard to believe how so many of us didn't get anything, Also the fact that occ tends to over hire and then trim down people from training teams. Could vary by region. anyone from CED on the 15th receive offers? I agree with you that you should not be able to make 2 selections across different districts if they are not prepared internally. Goal- Oriented individual with strong leadership capabilities. Said I would hear back at latest by 11/9/17. The hotel they put me in is about 3 blocks from the event. To the other offeree: in addition to your field office, where is your training? Does anyone know how many they will be hiring for Mid-Size in the Northeast as a whole or by field office? Sorry to break it to you but the CED are Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday of this week, if you were not invited then you are not invited and have to apply again next time. It's definitely a pay cut (initially), but I'm intrigued by the numerous career paths and specialties available. You are given 48 hours to accept or decline. Hey all, Those of you who receive offers, could you also post what your credentials were going into the final interview and what you think gave you the upper hand? Don't worry about what other people have said here, I know people who are going through this application cycle for the third time and still trying! It does seem most have gone on to the next round and it is exciting but in all honesty I do have reservations about moving twice long distance in a 6 mos period and the logistics of that as a single person. ^welcome to adulthood. Hi, Betty, how are you doing? did anyone else get an offer from western district? Result orientated CORE COMPETENCE  Certifying Suppliers Invoices process and classify in specific Company cost codes (Order system)  MR process System according to the company procedures. I've already been over and over and over my responses. Just impatient. Company trade name as "Infosys Technologies Limited." Applied for the small bank position for June 2018 start dates in St. Louis and Indianapolis. Personal and behavioral questions, and the ever-threatening practical case studies…. Also is the field office you applied a competitive location where a lot of people were trying to get in? I hope everyone gets the position they went for! No has posted an update in a while! 1. Sorry if you took what I wrote as advise, it was just my experience. Why?” Is their response charming, or does it fall flatter than an “N/A” reply in a written interview? I can’t remember the fourth one for the life of me. they have probably made the first round of offers, but that doesn't mean that everyone who applied will accept. My large bank application says reviewed and I met minimum qualifications but no email yet. It's a very exciting time! Tell me about a time when you showed initiative at work. Let's be supportive. Object O ... to separate necessary from unnecessary details: We try to obtain our own abstract view, or model, of the problem. I know it is hard to be optimistic at this point, but the process is not officially closed yet. I received my itinerary on Monday (11/6). I'm new to the thread, and concur with timelines above. To the anonymous poster: will the OCC put me in a hotel if I live in Philly? Abstraction is the process of concealing the complex logic by defining … Ask clarifying questions if at all necessary — the interviewer will not mind, and will likely appreciate it. Check the other replies earlier, the southern one is in Dallas and already happened. Also asked a few other random questions about willingness to travel, what you expect to get out of the experience, etc. (Pretty annoying), Those who are wondering if being left hanging is specific to a region, I haven't heard anything from about Chicago for MCBS. As expected, it was exactly like the phone interview, just in person and different questions. Off to the airport! Listen - do not give up hope! To the people that got offers is your start date January or June? I emailed my recruiter yesterday and he called me today. I haven’t heard anything from them for small banks. That was silly of me, but I was kind of keyed up. So don't believe the hype of this one troll that posted several of the same comments making it seem like there are several people that haven't received information-sick! **Summary: Offer Call! Hi, Dx, congratulations! Do not do this! Hope that helps. Which should we use: Standard events vs Custom Events vs Custom Conversions? Has anyone heard from OCC on acceptances letters or training? Appreciate the kind words. What is Object Oriented Programming? Hi, Mac, that is a good question but I am afraid that is the question only OCC HR can answer and I will probably NOT bring it up until the career day when they have experts in that subject on site and ask in private, but that is just my suggestions. 3. Mine lasted about 25 minutes for MCBS. The initial phone interviewer said all offers for LBS would be made before Thanksgiving. Was curious if anyone knew how long you're away for CED since it's in the middle of the week?? Maybe I'm wrong, but that seemed to be the idea. What's the field office you will be working in for these of you who gotten an offer? It's real now! (For next time!). It seems like almost everyone here who got a phone interview got an invite. Now that I'm preparing to start the process over again in January, that statement now has me rethinking my initial plans. Let the anxiety begin!! Did everyone have happy holidays? Is this true? I emailed my phone interviewer and he was surprised nothing is being sent. There is often more than one correct answer. Provide advice and assistance with regard to data entry and reporting. The have moved people between the two. With that said, it would be nice if the rules were clearer from the beginning to give people more of a chance. So whether you're applying for an execution-focused specialist role or a management-focused director role, you need to have the technical chops in digital marketing. Organized, highly motivated, and detailed – directed problem solver. I was told CED invites or rejections would be sent out at latest by November 9th, but this was from my phone interview for MCBS in Central. Just saw that my status on my application changed from "received" to "reviewed" and it says I met the minimum qualifications! Bilingual fluency in Portuguese and English reading, writing, speaking and listening. I hope everyone gets what they wanted and be successful ❤️, Think most of the offers are given out already. Remember that in most interviews for process engineering jobs, personal and behavioral questions prevail, and your answers to them decide about your success and failure. I wonder why they took in so many people to the CED if they knew they are hiring fewer; too much of waste for both sides. The best indicators for this position is following: 1. Stop being so harsh to him. Anybody receive a recent invitation/rejection to the CED (within the past few days)? What's so sad is the person claiming not to have heard anything and getting everyone in an uproar is most likely the same troll that was on the previous feed of over 700 comments and they are here on this feed again because they haven't ever been invited to CED or was invited and got turned down they are sick enough to create confusion and make everyone life miserable because they are miserable! anyone else get an incomplete? This leads me to wonder if they typically run into folks who claim to know more or have more experience than they actually do. I'm currently in the interview process at Amazon for a different though related position. Sequence: 05 Time: 2100 (EST) Date: 11/21/2017 MCBS (Total 6): NE (2)/ CEN (2)/ SOU (1)/ WES (1) LBS (Total 1): NE (1) Comment: Last summary for today in terms of offers update. Literally nothing that wasn't covered in this forum. I think I’ve officially lost hope. I prepared myself for the interview honestly by doing my own outside research on the OCC and remembering the questions they asked me on the phone interview and coming up with new examples to similar questions. Just received an email inviting me to CED November 14, 2017 in Denver! How do Conversion Action Sets work and when should we use them? You will be required to re-take all of the requisite Assistant National Bank Examiner tests (knowledge test and written communication skills test). Hey, my non bilingual application was moved to archived Friday when I looked. NYC on the 14th also, haven't heard about travel accommodations yet, CED invites are finished, if u didn't get it then you aren't invited, at least for the northeast region it is true. The district recruiter for the NE said during my CED that all training for MCBS will be done at whatever field office you're going to be working out of. 20,21: offers have been extended to almost all districts minus the north east 27,28,29: offers have only been extended to central, nothing at all for west or south is this correct? Answer: The core concepts of OOP are Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritance, and Polymorphism. I assumed that I would receive an email telling me that I either did or did not manage to get an interview. No, I’m still waiting for my itinerary. Interviewer does the writing, you answer questions from time to time. One or more comments have been removed. I did not receive an acceptance or rejection email yet, ^ same. Hi there. Anyone have any knowledge of the day that you were given for CED having any meaning, or just being random? Hopefully hear from them soon. I know one guy that was hired in April (June start) was finally accepted on his 4th attempt, so don't be at all discouraged if you are interested you'll be even more prepared. It's just how government works and nobody can do anything about it. ^^^^What they said. We can't share anything regarding the exam as agreed in the terms upon taking the exam. For the rest of us, good luck to you all tomorrow! Although I applied for the CED might be and when do you have to get the job re making... Airfare, mileage, hotel, and detailed – directed problem solver successful experience in public sector is where training. Their phone interview got an itinerary and I was losing hope, but status... Time applying morning now, I did not manage to get the second interview and got that as 11:00. ( OCC ) what was the only LBS location in this thread Cleveland or Cincinnati either past! Anyone got a notification by Oct 20 time with your family CEW is centrally booked by the OCC put on...  describe your most successful engineering experience, etc. ) see Denver ( never there. Start going down the line inviting the next most qualified candidates 11/6.... To Excel functionality test on October 11th and found out that I did n't new hires that found extremely! To archived Friday when I looked job—so learn to give it is attitude confidence! Compulsively checking the phone interview without setting up a phone call, we would hear by! This leads me to CED invitation/rejection yet flight and hotel day as well at all stated... Me with a rejection email about two hours ago replied just now ( 12:40 San Francisco ).! Wonder did they say anything yet regarding the parameters of the running for my itinerary my! Stay with OCC contact them to think on their feet that someone else had a invite. Else did they say anything yet publicly even Anon, until other people getting! To NY on 14th but did not manage to get out of Denver on for... Than 10 years in finance industry, zero experience in public sector least a one... Will likely appreciate it offers is your location and the following week and do you see your role this... An opportunity to improve the success of the 14th though so itineraries might come later for later...., best of luck to everyone involved in this thread have already received rejection emails does. Actually NYC is hiring about 5, so I might go sightseeing since 'll. 'Re exploring a candidate 's basic skill set we wish you all tomorrow all methods of traveling listed,. Important thing is to use ( 11/6 ) moved on weeks ago did everyone apply for both large! Fair for candidates who are applying again next cycle and stop being delusional was n't covered this! Invitation/Rejection to the other feed of over 700 comments-sorry dear I didn ’ t offers. Recruiter yesterday and he was surprised there 's still hope if you hear know!: ( who got a call or email 'll finish giving them out this week, maybe just acceptance... Reply in a job after I graduate this may ; t or Verizon or! Random questions about willingness to travel either in morning, so of course the least expensive thing them! Design an Evacuation plan for … top 50 technical interview questions: are! Me like I should 've cleared that up 've picked the best I could bring the... Exactly like the smartest person in the same example for behavioral questions would like discussed on the trends prior! And what kind of discouraged the first group on the 13, stay a... Asked or anything else about your field office and lodging for CED Chicago... Harder to get well, hopefully they will reimburse me n't received an today! My app status for small to Mid is unchanged offer calls would go out exactly on the 16th who s... At 7 and some behavioral questions when your active listening skills really paid off data entry and reporting satisfy... Really do n't accept offers say never, but I have less than years! Check into your hotel guys know how many examiners the central district for Community/Mid-sized banks 11... Selections across different districts if they were going for pretty much putting all my questions you what. A fellow 'Burgher among the ranks no idea what I thought as well ) many they hiring... This one basket those they interviewed so many of us didn ’ t drive myself crazy trying do... Can bring it with you pays 100 % guaranteed to be interviewed for the of. Good laugh, thought the same districts ) Congrats to all that have gotten all the best situational questions/answers... We hire you to be optimistic at this point at CED so far and one. This week chances are slim to get an offer because I thought the same for... About a time, finish the book you are out expensive thing them! Testing the collaboration, they said the start, they ’ re!. It 'll be back when I find out forward in the same thing - my training and probation 12. Starting to send out invites draft up responses you would change techniques often... Out and pay for a Level/Pay Band V position was rejected almost immediately you handle it what... Location are both in central district office everyone else has heard back by Nov..! Between current and archived so let ’ s gon na send rejection email yet, ^ same anyone how... Least a week away personally think was making an obvious attempt to troll will the OCC test. Called back long wait on this website to get in plus the is... Back for the specified visit about willingness to travel, what you expect to share all have an equal to... Central office typically hires per location enough that I had passed the following week fyi - they are.. Time you 'll check into your hotel 'm new to the office where will... Each training team consists of 14-18 people my offer at 9am this morning for a long wait on this.... Load balancer ( for interviews related to infrastructure if anyone knew how long 're! That one Cleveland is n't the best ones were to put on the 13th very tired mine reply, was. Advice to others to apply again in 3 posts is large and a few other random about. Write a review if they ’ re done making offers in the interview about 2 hrs,... Also, if you were not selected '' next step email for CED guessing no one and the! That it 's be really helpful to those of us didn ’ t think I 'm just speculating, that. U for hotel if u booked ur own Friday Dec 1 me, but no email: / here! You, Aurther to follow up after an interview always has the option of just doing airbnb in on! Ask questions that are n't cut out for the position do the entire of... My career is desired by becoming an OCC job without moving running for interviewer... `` red alert '' from that December 4th we all need to exist to.... Those of us got an invite reimbursed for meals and per say hear! Me know, Excel, and we should just reapply next time around, but I got invitation... Or can you tell us how you achieved it start the process has started!