Along the way, grab the shiny 2000 pg lying on the floor to the south. It is obtained after defeating Argent Heinkel. Yank the lever along the way to deactivate the second lock, which will open the elevator doors. The Glanz Empire and its leader Kaiser Oblivion kidnap Pope Agnes despite the efforts of her protector Yew Geneolgia and set out to conquer Eternia. Meow! Next, go around to the west wing and chat to the owl in front of the telescope. Or he can break out the big guns and cast the Meteor spell to inflict four powerful random non-elemental hits on the party. In the moments before the Skyhold reaches its final destination, you’ve got just enough time to drop by some old friends that you couldn’t visit earlier. After resting or otherwise, head for the east side of this floor. Use them to set the pace of battle.Official site's description. The Knight (ナイト, Naito?) Back up on Floor B28, assuming you came from the north-east stairs, head all the way west to retrieve some Tender Victuals from the floor. The creepy fellow will give you directions to the secret village of the Chompers in the form of a riddle. Time Mage is a returning job from Bravely Default, and one of the 30 jobs available in Bravely Second: End Layer.These crafty tacticians use time magic to turn the tide of battle. Before you get booted out for not buying a drink, hurry to the bar counter above the entrance and speak to either of the patrons. You'll have to choose between Swordmaster and Summoner, White mage and Merchant, Black Mage and Ranger, Monk and Valkyrie, Ninja and Knight, Dark Knight and Time Mage, … is an asterisk that appears in Bravely Second: End Layer. Black Mage is a returning job from Bravely Default, and one of the 30 jobs available in Bravely Second: End Layer.These black Magic warriors use attack magic to assault groups of foes. On the west side of Floor B28, head east first to identify a blue locked chest . From there, fly north-east towards the ominous dark circle on the bottom screen world map. For now, head towards the west side of the Upper Deck to enter The Drunken Pig Tavern. Meanwhile Monodons use Buzz Saw to hurt one and drop their physical defence; they can also Brave. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. When you reach the south-west corner, go down the stairs at the end. Why not join us today? Next, follow the path to the south that you ran by to reach stairs going up. Without further ado, land the Rubadub in the lake and sail next to Grandship to enter it. It is obtained after defeating Eloch Quentis Khamer VIII . In addition, Alternis the Dark Knight makes a surprise appearance. Then run to the opposite end and search the area below the Magics store for a Rod of Fire . Phoenix Flight plus 3× Minus Strike. Besides that, the Steady MP Recover support ability is useful for mages or healers. Afterwards, just like the good ol’ days, the hearty Proprietress treats our heroes to a delicious feast and then some. is a job class in Bravely Second: End Layer. That said, you can bypass his defences with the Hawkeye’s Harpoon or other means. The Time Mage is a spell-caster who manipulates the flow of time and space to attack foes and support its allies. Well, this is new. Dark Knight is a returning job from Bravely Default, and one of the 30 jobs available in Bravely Second: End Layer. Cue a happy reunion with Zatz, Datz and the Proprietress. Occasionally, it may cast Stop to try and freeze a party member, preventing them from acting for a few turns. Gallant warriors skilled at physical attack and defense. Thief>Red Mage 97-16 Swordmaster>Summoner 33-16 White Mage