October 22, 2014
  Just in time for Fall, Halloween or even Thanksgiving. Here's a step by step tutorial on how to make these easy and fun little Fabric Pumpkins. If you purchased one of my kits, you will... Read More
October 1, 2014
I got a fun idea and decided to begin teaching Sewing/Crafting classes for little girls ages 6-12 years old. My classes started in May and the kick off class was "Princess Crown Decorating". They... Read More
October 1, 2014
                        First these litte cutie pies learned to machine sew on paper. (with no thread) its the best way to give them a feel for the machines. I used the Janome Mini Machines and they... Read More
October 1, 2014
                        Another class offered this summer was a "Make your own Jewelry" class. Sparkles of all kinds with lots of BLING!!                         I went with a pretty jewelry theme... Read More
October 1, 2014
The summer was heating up and every one was heading to the beach. So for our next class I did a fun "BEach PArty"!!                   Complete with sand, shells and beach toys!                  ... Read More
October 1, 2014
                        This is what we did for "GLAMPING". Thats camping with a femine touch.                         Container mini gardening was the class. Lots of flowers and pots all ready to... Read More
October 1, 2014
                        Our last sewing class for the summer was a super darling Mini Doll Quilt.  Of course dolls had to be the theme in some way. So I chose paper dolls. I use to just love them as... Read More
October 1, 2014
Thank you girls for all the fun this summer!! And thank you Moms for all your support!! What shall we do next summer?? Hummm... Guess we'll just have to see... Read More
July 12, 2014
Two NEW patterns available now from Curbys Closet!! One is for baby and one is for YOU!! First is our 12th Quilted Baby Shoe pattern and its a Moccasin!! Moccasins are so popular now and right in... Read More
May 18, 2014
                  How cute are these?? I can say that without bragging, cuz they were not my idea. Where did I get it from, yep you guessed it... PINTEREST!! My dearest very best friend!! What did we... Read More
May 14, 2014
                  One of my favorite things to do in the spring is to dust off my minatures and pixies and replant or spruce up my Pixie/Fairy gardens. Most every one calls them fairy gardens but I... Read More
April 28, 2014
                                Little Peter Rabbit was my inspiration for this years Easter table scape. He'd been outside in the back yard for awhile and now it was time to bring him in! I filled... Read More
March 17, 2014
What's black and white and green all over? The answer: Our family's St. Patricks's Day Dinner Yay!!                         Here are some pics of our festive table. To create this... Read More
March 6, 2014
Can you pull together a quick table scape, for a kinda last minute lunch for a couple of wonderful friends??                         Sure you can. It's pretty easy and I'll show you how... Read More
February 5, 2014
                  Give a darling Valentines Day banner to your special Valentine. They are so cute to decorate a window, hutch, wall or doorway.                   Fun playing cards threaded on to... Read More
February 4, 2014
                  A super "sporty" family game night was my theme for our latest family dinner. It was really fun to pull together and pretty easy to do too.  I decided to go with a color... Read More
January 22, 2014
                        Looking for an elegant, easy, unique way to decorate your dinner table for a fall or Thanksgiving Day celebration? Try adding different details to your tablescape then you can... Read More
January 22, 2014
                        A bright, fun festive table is as easy as one, two, three!!                    A Christmas table scape of reds and greens really will make your holiday merry and bright... Read More
January 22, 2014
                        I decided to do a Chinese New Year theme for our latest family dinner party. We were celebrating a birthday for my daughter in law and a one year anniversary for my son and... Read More
October 25, 2013
You may have seen the fun Halloween surgical glove candy treats for kids in the past. (They are the ones where you take a surgical glove and fill it with candy, popcorn etc. and tie a ribbon at the... Read More