A Boutique for the Kids at CHOC Hospital

Last week "Curbys Closet" took part in a community boutique to help raise money for the kids at CHOC Hospital in Orange, California.  The booth looked like a sweet shabby chic baby shop. It all looked darling with a little help from family and friends. Joining me in the "Curby's Closet" boutique was... My sister Cindi and her adorable OOAK fabric covered lighted candles. Perfect for babies room, bathroom, hallway or anywhere you need a little light. And her holiday ones look so cute for your holiday tablesettings. Also joining us was EmmaJane of "Lil Heartbreakers" with her fun baby girl hair bands and bows. They are so cute and look adorable with the "Curby's Closet" vintage baby dresses. My talented husband made a new refurbished display rack for my quilted baby shoes. Believe it or not, he made it from an old mirrored piece that our neighbors were giving away. It went over a mantle and it was painted a ugly navy blue. He added shelves, a base and even wheels for easy moving. Doesn't it match wonderfully with the dress rack he made for me last year?