Clothes Pins Never Looked So Cute!!

When I think of wooden clothes pins I usually think of doing the laundry the "old fashion way". Do any of you remember hanging clothes on the clothes line? I was kinda little, so my job was to hold the basket or hand my mom the clothes pins as she hung them on the line in our back yard. Boy, there's a flash back for ya!

Well, these are NOT that kind of clothes pins. These are quilted, cute, decorative and just a little WONKY too. Plus they have nothing to do with the laundry. They are for decorating packages or gifts. Maybe even holding on the card or tag. Take a look....

Wouldn't you love getting or giving a fun gift in something cute like this??


Or how about a little something sweet in a cute bag like this??

Our little quilted wonky flower clips just adds something special. You almost hate to open it, it's so cute! Right?

You can make them yourselves very easily or you can purchase them in our Etsy Shop for $3.99 and all of the cutting and gluing will be done for you. Plus they come in a clear cello bag tied with a bow.

We have Multi packs of 5 different colors of pins or a packs of all pink variations.


They have so many uses: get organized and clip all your papers together, add a magnet to the back to hold pictures on the fridge, or you can use them as a decorative bookmark.

Any way that you use them they are fun and cute! Besides who doesn't need a little Wonky flower in their life!!