Everyone Needs A Pixie Garden!










One of my favorite things to do in the spring is to dust off my minatures and pixies and replant or spruce up my Pixie/Fairy gardens. Most every one calls them fairy gardens but I like to call them Pixies for some reason. I think that these gardens are really fun to create and are quite magical to look at.










One of my favorite minitures is this lion head fountain. I've always wanted one in my own garden and this was the only size I could afford!! Haha Buying fresh lovely plants and tiny shiny rocks are a fun part of it too. This year my daughter in law and son helped me with three of the gardens and they did a great job! My newest little miniture to add to my collection is the little black dog. He represents our newest family member Joey. (my grandpuppy)













Each garden is special and unique. This one is the Baby Pixie garden.










I spray painted the buggy and bench and added the brick walkway, arbor with ivy and even nestled in some adorable ducks! There is no right or wrong way to do these. You just keep adding stuff until it looks like you want.










This one has always been a favorite for those who stop by to see my little gardens. It's the WICKED garden complete with Elphaba, Glinda and the evil castle. My kids did this one too. 













I love the stone pavers and the adorable tree (on the right) complete with little red apples.













I also have this gazebo style Pixie garden. You can pretty much plant them in most any container. I use a lot of clay pots and urns. Just make sure they have plenty of drainage.

To add a little whimsy and fun to your garden try a Pixie garden.

If you live in So. California the best place to buy Pixie/Fairy garden supplies and mini plants is M&M Nursery in Orange. They will have every thing your little heart desires! Or you can also order online. The selection is a bit smaller, but there are still lots of cute things to choose from. Check them out!!