Hanging On The Line!

Does this picture bring back memories?? When was the last time that you hung clothes on a clothes line or a drying rack of some kind? A long time ago? Eons ago? How about never! I got to thinking that maybe some young women or young mothers have probably never hung clothes to dry outside on a clothes line. I mean lets face it, we live in a world of computerized washers and dryers. Right? Well, many moons ago in the 1950's, 60's and 70's that's pretty much how my mother would dry our clothes. I remember being just a little girl and holding the laundry basket, handing her clothes pins and then graduating to helping take the clothes off the line and folding them. I remember thinking how soft and pretty the clothes looked hanging in the sun and swaying the the breeze. (Especially the sheets)  I loved to run up and down the rows of fabric and pretend that I was a princess in a far away land. Alright it's true, I had kind of a wild imagination! Anyway, yesterday I decided to bust out my IKEA drying rack and sun dry some of my "CURBY'S CLOSET" vintage baby dresses that I had just washed. I am trying not to use too much electricity during the peek hours of the day. This drying rack is really great! It is very light weight, folds totally flat for storage and only cost $3.99! Such a bargain!! Now before you go rushing to IKEA to get one, I must tell you that I purchased this one a couple of years ago. So be sure to check and see if they still carry them or not. I thought that the dresses looked so sweet hanging on the rack that I took some pictures for you to see. They dried super fast and smelled wonderful! So, since hot summer days are upon us... you might want to line dry some of your clothes and take a little step back into the past! Simpler times are awesome!! Leave a comment if you remember the days of hanging clothes on the line!