I hope it's still bragging Monday, cuz I'm so excited to tell you all, that I just finished my first CURBYS CLOSET QUILTED BABY SHOE Pattern. WhaaHoo!! Here is a peek at what it looks like. I was encouraged by my sweet friend Gina Halladay of  "THREADED PEAR PATTERNS", QUILTERS BUZZ and "FRESH PICKED FABRICS"( a darling new fabric shop in Orange Co. CA) to make a pattern for my baby shoes.  My first thought was "No way, I have no idea how to make a pattern". So I turned to the wonderful people around me. The front cover was originally designed by my artistic son Brett and myself for my website and then adapted for this pattern by my amazing husband Roger. Thanks dear!  My talented sister Cindi Hatch and I wrote the instructions. I could have never done this with out her. Luckily she has done this before with other quilt patterns. What a gal! Other valuable and awesome helpers were my sweet niece Cloey Hatch and my wonderful friend Kathleen Goodman. And last but certainly not least my fantastic Mother who encouraged me to do it and donated a little "seed money " to help me get going. So ladies...if you love to quilt, sew or give adorable, unique baby gifts this is a pattern that you will really love.  I would say that this pattern is for beginners with some sewing and/or quilting experience. This pattern would be awesome for quilt groups too! These are what the baby shoes look like finished! In an afternoon you could totally make these! If you like to sew, but don't quilt "no worries". Just purchase a quilted table topper, or place mat and cut out your baby shoes from that. I have made many, many totally adorable baby shoes from both of these items. Now if you are excited and ready to sew. Head on over to the right side of this blog. The patterns are sold on my ETSY and LOLLISHOP stores. Oh... and also, wholesale orders are welcome by contacting me at chris@curbyscloset.com. Oh and I almost forgot... FREE SHIPPING offered to the US and Canada! (Not offered on wholesale orders) I apologize if this was a bit too much bragging, but this is a HUGE deal for me. I am just so excited that it's finished and ready to go!! Best wishes all, Chris