"How to" Re-cycle Vintage Clothing For Babies & Dolls

This is my first "How To" demonstration on my blog. So many people ask me all the time how I do what I do. So here's a look see for ya and maybe a few new ideas... here we go! MY VINTAGE BABY TABLECLOTH DRESS (size 9mo.) First you'll need a baby or doll dress, blouse or slip. The one used in this demonstration is a baby slip. You'll also need a vintage tablecloth (preferably one that has a hole or stain, that way your not cutting up a nice tablecloth). You will also need your basic sewing supplies: sewing machine, thread, pins, scissors, etc. For this project you will see that I use a cutting mat, quilting ruler and a rotary cutter. They are the easiest for me, but any ruler and scissors will do. Begin by laying your slip (dress or blouse) on a cutting surface. I would recommend that  you iron the clothing piece first so that it lays nice and flat. [[{"type":"media", "view_mode":"media_large", "fid":"101", "attributes":[ {"class":"media-image", "typeof":"foaf:Image", "style":"", "width":"390", "height":"292"} ]}]] Measure down about 1 to 2 inches below the under arm and cut across the body (under arm to under arm). Try to make your cut as straight as possible. [[{"type":"media", "view_mode":"media_large", "fid":"102", "attributes":[ {"class":"media-image", "typeof":"foaf:Image", "style":"", "width":"390", "height":"292"} ]}]] The next step is to choose and iron your vintage tablecloth. Be sure to find one with colors that match or blend with the baby clothing that you have just cut up. Or forget that, and make one that is fun, funky and miss-matched!! I love this one cuz it is sweet, soft and kinda has that Hawaiian thing going on. [[{"type":"media", "view_mode":"media_large", "fid":"103", "attributes":[ {"class":"media-image", "typeof":"foaf:Image", "style":"", "width":"292", "height":"390"} ]}]] Find the best edge of your tablecloth (it should already be hemmed or have a finished edge on it) and fold it in half and then fold in half once again. This makes it so much easier to cut. Be sure to keep your edges straight and lay the tablecloth out nice and smooth. You don't want lumps! Measure about 9" from the hem to the center and cut. You have now made the bottom of your little dress. Way to go! [[{"type":"media", "view_mode":"media_large", "fid":"105", "attributes":[ {"class":"media-image", "typeof":"foaf:Image", "style":"", "width":"292", "height":"390"} ]}]] Now you should have two pieces... a little top bodice piece and a tablecloth bottom piece. See you're doing amazingly well!! Take the tablecloth bottom piece and fold it in half right sides together pin and then sew it closed on your sewing machine. You have just made the back seam of the dress. Next enlarge your stitch length (all the way) and sew a gathering stitch all around the top edge of the skirt.[[{"type":"media", "view_mode":"media_large", "fid":"104", "attributes":[ {"class":"media-image", "typeof":"foaf:Image", "style":"", "width":"292", "height":"390"} ]}]] Gather the skirt either by hand or with the gathering stitch on your machine. (I don't have a gathering stitch on my machine, so it's the old fashion way for me!) Take the top/bodice and insert it inside the tablecloth skirt with right sides together. Be sure to line up the center of the bodice back with the back seam of your tablecloth skirt. Find the center of the skirt front and the center of the bodice front and do the same. Pin both pieces together all around, then sew it on your machine. It's a good idea to go around again with a zig zag or locking stitch to help control fraying. [[{"type":"media", "view_mode":"media_large", "fid":"110", "attributes":[ {"class":"media-image", "typeof":"foaf:Image", "style":"", "width":"390", "height":"292"} ]}]] Turn your little dress to the right side and look you're almost done!! Isn't it super cute, quick and amazing!! Press the garment well and if you choose... top stitch all around the dress waist just to make sure that it lays nicely. Now this little slip that I used for the top of this dress has some lovely hand embroidery work on it ,so for embellishment I only added a little small sweet vintage button in the center. (Not shown in this photo) You can feel free to embellish your little dress any way that you'd like. I love to use vintage buttons, hankies, lace, ribbon roses, and rick rack. Let your imagination go WILD!! I hope that you enjoy making this little dress. Let me know how it works for you and what terrific ideas you have. For more of my vintage baby dresses and designs check out my ebay and etsy stores. www.curbyscloset.com [[{"type":"media", "view_mode":"media_large", "fid":"109", "attributes":[ {"class":"media-image", "typeof":"foaf:Image", "style":"", "width":"292", "height":"390"} ]}]]