This blog party is all about your new favorite finds, creations, or pastimes. Because this blog party is all about.... "You're Never too Old To Play With..." For me I say "you're never too old to play with" or have a PIXIE GARDEN or Fairy Garden whichever you like to call them. (For some reason I love the word PIXIE!) A while ago I really got into designing and creating my own little world within these magical little gardens. They are so delightful and so much fun to do. They can be quiet addictive and mesmerizing! They are great conversation pieces and can make your gardens a real treasure to explore. Take a look at a few of mine... I always wanted a lion head fountain in my garden and I finally got it. It's just in miniature size! Along with a sweet PIXIE girl and a nice bee skep among the greenery. I love using interesting urns to plant them in. How about a sweet PIXIE Baby with her white wire stroller and birdhouse. Maybe you will be able to see the darling little blue bird inside.  (Ya gotta really look!) All the little girls who come over love this one. Let's face it who can resist a sweet PIXIE baby!! This is a very special PIXIE girl she is dancing and twirling out the garden gate. Outside waiting for her is a lovely duck sitting on a rocking chair. Now remember this is a PIXIE GARDEN. So of course your gonna see a duck in a rocking chair! And last but not least is what every PIXIE GARDEN must have "A tea party" with friends. Among the greenery and flowers are 2 tiny PIXIES. One in a ornate garden swing and one setting the little table and chairs getting all ready for a summer tea party. This has really become a very wonderful pastime for me. I love searching for the tiny flowers, bushes and trees to plant. I am also so lucky to have a wonderful husband who bought me all these PIXIES and all the furnishings, because he knows there is still a little girl in me who delights in these sweet little PIXIE collectibles. I hope that you have enjoyed viewing my PIXIE GARDENS and will come back to CURBY'S CLOSET soon. I love to share new things in decorating, gardening, entertaining and of course VINTAGE BABY DRESSES! Please leave a comment and let me know what you think and have a wonderful day!