It's Family Game Night!!










A super "sporty" family game night was my theme for our latest family dinner. It was really fun to pull together and pretty easy to do too. 

I decided to go with a color scheme of Black, Green and Silver. Not sure why.. but that's what I did! I began my table design with my trusty white table cloth (I use it ALL the time, it's my total "Go to" table cloth), then I layered on top with runners of Black and white stripe fabric and Black with metallic silver polka dots (both fabrics found at Joanns) Next I placed the centerpiece and acouple of ping pong paddles.(I must admit I kinda liked the pop of color from the red/black ping pong paddles!) Then of course I had to add a white doily to accent it a little! 










The individual palace settings included a silver charger, white plate and black bowls. (all things I have on hand and use over and over)

 Each person got a fun little kiddy mini game. 













Used green polka dot and multi stripe napkins crossed in an X to represent the X Games (of course)! Haha!










Everyone got their own kettle corn popcorn. I loved the bright green stripe containers. (Thank you Party City), and the tiny black and white stripe cups (Home Goods) filled with peanut M&M's. Always a family favorite!!










The centerpiece was a large glass container filled with green moss (found at Walmart), mini sports balls (Party City) and colored dice (we already had from a boardgame). I whipped it up in about 10 min. That's my kind of centerpiece!!













I put a high banner of playing cards up, so it didn't block anyones view. Then added ribbon streamers down each side. Just used small black boxes filled with pinto beans to weigh them down then put dowls (bought at Michaels) in the center and tied the playing card banner on them.


It was a really fun night. We watched the Super Bowl, played ping pong, and a super fun game of "Heads Up"!! (The Anderson women rule!!) It's a very fun game if you haven't tried it. It is played all the time on "ELLEN". I found our game at Walmart. I think it was even on sale!

This Game Night theme table would be a great idea for a bithday party or sports team party or just for your family.