Little Fabric Pumpkin Tutorial


Just in time for Fall, Halloween or even Thanksgiving. Here's a step by step tutorial on how to make these easy and fun little Fabric Pumpkins. If you purchased one of my kits, you will have every thing you need to make 3 pumpkins except the fiberfill stuffing and a glue gun. No machine sewing required.


You will need fabric approx. 12" for one pumpkin. (Lots of fun colors and prints can be used), a glue gun and glue sticks, heavy thread or crochet thread, asst. buttons, fiberfill stuffing, spanish moss and a 3" branch piece or 3" dowl.

Begin with a your desired fabric. You may use a dinner plate as a template or something else round for a pattern. Trace around it and cut it out.


Begin with a large knot at the end of your thread and baste all around the circle using pretty large stitches.


Gather the fabric a bit as you go.


Your pumpkin should look like this. Do not tie a knot at this point.


Use small handfuls of the fiberfill (I usually get mine at Joanns or Hobby Lobby)


Hold on to the thread so it doesn't totally undo and stuff your little pumpkins as full as you like. I try to make mine fairly full.


After you have achieved the desired fullness, gather up the stitches and pull tight. Leave a small opening enough for the stem.


Now take a stitch or two grabbing fabric on each side of your original knot and tie another knot to anchor it closed.


Put a generous amount of glue from your glue gun onto the stem...


And incert the stem into the hole and hold for a few seconds for the glue to set. You may wish to glue some of the fabric to the stem also.


Use your Spanish Moss (found at most any craft store or at the Dollar Tree)


 use small pinches of the moss to cover the base of the stem. Moss is the perfect choice to hide any inperfections. Plus it looks cute! I Love it!


With your hot glue gun, glue the moss all the way around the stem.


Your little pumpkin should look something like this.


Now for embellishments! I used lots of fun buttons in gold and black, orange, even green and purple. You can use whatever fun ones you like. (These buttons can be found at Joanns, Michaels, Hobby Lobby and even Tuesday Morning)


Glue your buttons into place with the glue gun and there you go! You're done!! Wasn't that easy? You now have a sweet little pumpkin to decorate your table, shelf or make more and cluster them together. They are perfect little gifts for friends, family, teachers and neighbors.

So have a ball and make as many as you like!! Happy Fall, Happy Halloween and Happy Thanksgiving to you!!