A little Trash to Treasure story...

My husband wanted to throw this old table out. Can you blame him? It looked horrible and had been outside for years. It was broken, warped and in several pieces. But there was something about this table that I just loved. It had such cute legs and unique undercarriage. Now you may have agreed with my husband after viewing this picture, but hopefully in the end you'll agree with me that it was worth saving.










It took him quite a few hours..










But he finally got it pieced, glued and screwed back together. I knew my guy could do it!!










Now it's all nicely sanded and ready to paint. It's getting there.













I got to work with my black and white paint, cuz I invisioned  a classic look. (You probably never thought that this old table could look classic did ya?)













Isn't it amazing what paint, varnish and a few little painted accents can do? (I must admit it was several coats tho)










And by accents I mean even rick rack!













And whaa laa! With a whole lot of vision, a few hours of elbow grease, a little paint and rick rack. A display table is born!

Perfect for my little shop.

Next time your thinking of throwing away a interesting or treasured piece, be sure it cannot be salvaged into something wonderful!!

Be creative and see it in a new light.