My new favorite thing is...BLEND FABRICS!!

My new favorite fabrics are found at "BLEND FABRICS"!! They have such yummy, delightful prints, styles and colors!! You have got to take a look. Blend fabrics is a division of "Anna Griffin". “Blend is a collective of many artists work, a mixture of styles, and a celebration of talent,” said Anna Griffin, president of Anna Griffin, Inc.  “Blend Fabrics is a high-end textile design company that supplies fabrics and licensed designs to major retailers, independent retailers and e-commerce retailers worldwide.” Sounds fantastic right! CURBY'S CLOSET is promoting our baby shoe patterns using BLEND FABRICS. And let me tell you it is a great combo! We are even showcasing some of their amazing fabrics on 3 of our most popular pattern covers. Let's just say... they look adorable!! See their blog for more details. Some of my favorite collections are: Babysaurus, Magic Garden and Homespun Chic. If you are looking for new, bright, fun fabrics for your sewing or quilting projects take a look at Blend Fabrics! You will not be disappointed. Their fabrics are so lovely in person and were a joy for me to sew and create with. Quilt Shop owners will love these fabrics! They will look fabulous in your shop and your customers will love them too! Free patterns and projects are offered on their website also. Yay!! I LOVE FREE PATTERNS!! Don't you? Follow "Blend Fabrics" on facebook and Pinterest.