New Shapes and Star Quilt patterns your gonna love!!

We are so happy and excited to add 2 more adorable quilt patterns to our CURBYS CLOSET quilt pattern collection. Each one is so unique and very fun to make! They are both designed by our talented quilt designer Cindi Hatch. Take a look and see what I'm taking about.

This first quilt pattern is called "Oh My Stars" and you will be saying "Oh my, how easy to make these perfect star points!!" Don't you just love patterns where the points come out perfect! And with ease! The fabric used is a darling collection from BLEND FABRICS called Babysaurus. If you haven't heard about Blend you've got tot check them out! The center block has a couple of variations too! If you like cute, easy stars you just gotta try this one.


This next fun quilt pattern is super cute and super easy!  It's called "I See Shapes" and you really will be seeing shapes! Lots and lots of darling hearts, stars, triangles, circles and more! They are so easy and fun to make because they are raw edge applique! Don't you just LOVE raw edge applique?? Such a cool look and they whip up so fast.

Both of these quilt patterns were featured in our booth (along with our other 3 wonderful quilt patterns from Cindi Hatch) at the Houston quilt market last month. I wish you could see them in person cuz they are each so dang cute!!

Anyway, if you would like to order either of these new quilt patterns, you will find them at or in our etsy shop.

Wholesale orders are welcome for quilt shops on our website or by emailing

Have fun and keep on quilting!!