Sewing /Crafting classes #1- July 2014 Jeans Tote Bag

The summer was heating up and every one was heading to the beach. So for our next class I did a fun "BEach PArty"!!










Complete with sand, shells and beach toys!










Kinda had a beach towel or surf board pattern on these plates. Of course we had to have gold fish!













I thought these little "fun in the sun" cupcakes were just to adorable not to make. Complete with teddy grahams, lifesaver, brown sugar (for the sand) and a bright paper umbrella.










Snack time was always a favorite for the girls.













Sewing project #2 A darling repurposed " Jeans Beach/ Hobo Bag" tied in front with a fun vintage hankie.














Each of them were so cute and so different. A great way to recycle old worn out jeans. Plus they come with lots of built in pockets!!