Sewing /Crafting classes #1- June 2014 Pillowcase













First these litte cutie pies learned to machine sew on paper. (with no thread) its the best way to give them a feel for the machines. I used the Janome Mini Machines and they worked out great and the girls really loved them. (They are a good inexpensive starter machine with only one speed.)










They all tried very hard and soon were just sewing away!










The theme for this class was a fun "Sleep over". They had their own litttle box of cereal, juice, popcorn and...













mini cinimmon rolls. Yummy and cute!













Also I made little cookies that looked like slippers. They girls thought they were adorable, but wouldn't eat them because they had coconut on them. Who knew??













First project: Pillowcases. Such fun colors and prints!!










A class picture with some of the girls.










Also at the end of my classes when the girls complete their projects they receive an achievement charm.