Spiders, Skulls and Lace!!












Our Halloween table for 2013! I used lots of spiders, skulls and a little lace. Here's how I pulled it all together...













I began with a foam pumpkin (one I used from last year) and filled it with Johnny Jump ups in lovely harvest colors. (You could totally use silk flowers) Plus I added a bit of spanish moss for effect. Of course I had to add my little crow friend. I also purchased a couple of Halloween candelabras to really set the mood. I bought them at Big Lots. They are really cool cuz when they light up, the flames even flicker just like a spooky breeze is blowing. OOoooohh. 












The placesettings were so fun to do! I bought black chargers at Big Lots for $1 and orange plates at the Dollar Tree and the paper plates from Joanns Fabric. Who knew Joanns had such cute paper goods! The RIP coffins we have had for years and the spider lace fabric came from Joanns also. I used a tan fabric underneath and it gave it a very old vintage feel. Oh I almost forgot to tell you about the table runner down the center of the table, it is a super easy pattern from "My Girlfriends Quilt Shop" you can make them in about 10 min. and they are so cute. Find the info. to make them here. Kris and Kim have the best ideas. You will want to check out their website, blog, and the quilt shop if you are in Utah. To finish it off the napkin holders are the white plastic cheap-o vampire teeth from Walmart. I thought it was such a fun idea (got it from Pinterest).
















Next with the help of my Hubby (actually he made all of these) we added Pumpkin Spider candles. Just buy a mini pumpkin goard in the produce dept of the grocery store and carve out the center and add a tea light or votive candle. I got mine candles at the Dollar Tree. Then poke 4 holes on each side and incert black pipe cleaners. Bend to look like legs and there you go. Super easy and super cute!!












Also at Dollar Tree I picked up a couple of black frames and used a piece of the napkin as a background (I didn't want to look for orange scrapbook paper, I was too pooped) then I went online and found some free Halloween printables. Cut them out, added a bit of glue and whaaala! Darling little frames to add to the table.












Of course I had to add our friendly skeleton and skull head friends. I have had these for years. When you have only boys, you've got to add skeletons and skulls. Right?












The next thing I added this year was this fun jar of Halloween candy corn mixed with eyeballs, skulls, spiders, etc. It was interesting to look at and really yummy to nibble on!!












This year the same as last year I used our styrofoam tombstones for decorative chairbacks tied with ribbon. I really love that idea. They can be found most everywhere and they are very inexpensive. I think I got mine at the Dollar Tree.












I think that pretty much fills you in on what I did to create this table scape. Hopefully you've found an idea or two that you would like to try for your Halloween dinner this year.

Have a safe and HAPPY HALLOWEEN all!!