Spooky Glamour Gloves (Tutorial)

You may have seen the fun Halloween surgical glove candy treats for kids in the past. (They are the ones where you take a surgical glove and fill it with candy, popcorn etc. and tie a ribbon at the end. We even put plastic spider rings on them.!)  I made them years ago for my grade school boys' Halloween parties and the kids always loved them.

Anyway this is kind of a different more sophisticated, glamorous version of that. 

I call them Spooky Glamour Gloves!!












Here's how I made them.

Materials Needed:

1 pair of Womens Evening gloves

2 yards of black tulle/netting on the roll. (6 inches wide)

Black Thread 


Assorted candies and treats 

Plastic Glamour rings













STEP 1  I bought a pair of black evening gloves. (They do not need to be long they can be short, you're just going to cut them anyway.) I got mine at Walmart for under $3 in the Halloween costume section.













STEP 2  I cut off about 5 inches. Making them pretty much the size of short gloves. (If you already have short gloves disregard this step)

















STEP 3 Take your black tulle/netting and cut a 2 yard piece.  Fold it in half to 1 yard, so that your piece is now doubled in thickness.













STEP 4  Now fold the 1 yard piece in half width wise. Your piece should still be 1 yard long, but now it is 1/2 as wide and the thickness is X 4. Are ya still with me??

Your netting piece should have a folded side and a salvage side. (Where you can see all the individual layers) Pin here and there on the open salvage side. You are going to be sewing your ruffle on the end with the fold. It will really help with stabilazation. Trust me!!

















STEP 5  Take your glove (cut end) right side out and begin sewing and attaching your tulle/netting. Remember sew with the folded side. Sew all the way around the glove gathering or pleating as you go. I pleated mine. When you get all the way around if you have extra tulle/netting just cut if off.

















STEP 6 Your glove should look something like this. I sewed mine with white thread so you could see. 

















STEP 7  Begin fluffing your tulle/netting if desired. Or you can have it stay a little more flat. Whatever works for you.













STEP 8 Now comes the stuffing and filling part. I used tootsie rolls, pixie sticks and smarties for the fingers. And then used things like: kisses, candy corn, mini bags of M&M's even ring pops to fill the hand area. You can also use popcorn, mini candy bars, etc.













STEP 9  Don't for get to add the GLAM!!! Got these plastic ring beauties at Walmart also. A bag of 6 for 99 cents. You will want to tie a ribbon bow at the end also. Any fun ribbon will do.

















STEP 10 Tie your pretty bow just under the gathered tulle/netting and slide the ring onto the ring finger and Whaa laa. Your done!! 













And there you have it!! Spooky Glamour Gloves to give as gifts to little girls, teens or women of all ages. They would be a perfect favor for a Halloween Party or special dinner party.

Hope you have fun making them and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!