"Sunflowers Always Turn Toward the Light"

July is a great, HOT month and it makes me think of Sunflowers. Almost every year my husband plants sunflower seeds in our garden and every year I hope that it will be in a spot where the big full beautiful heads of the sunflowers will face our yard ,so we can enjoy their beauty. But it never fails...no matter where he plants them they always turn away from our yard, because sunflowers always turn their heads toward the light. (Did you know that?)  My husband has even tried bracing them to polls or anchoring them to the fence. But no matter what we do they still fight their way toward the sun. I always have to get into crazy positions just to take pictures of them. It got me thinking today, that hopefully we are each like these sunflowers and are trying each day to look toward the light. The good, beautiful, wonderful things in our lives that bring us and others joy. Just a thought!