Sweet Brownie Flower Pots










How cute are these?? I can say that without bragging, cuz they were not my idea. Where did I get it from, yep you guessed it... PINTEREST!! My dearest very best friend!! What did we ever do with out it!! This is my take on the idea and of course if it is made by me it will be the quick and easy way for sure. Here's how I did mine:









First I went to the grocery store and bought some of these brownie bites. Now of course you great bakers out there can whip up a batch of homemade. But these are really good and I didn't have to heat up my oven. Remember its all about quick and easy! Then frost them with your favorite frosting. I used milk chocolate.














I had bought these sweet paper flowers at MICHAELS for $2 a pouch. Such a deal!  Lots of colors. They are super cute and are the perfect size.














Next I hot glued the flowers to a toothpick (we all have those around the house) and tied on a little green piece of ribbon for leaves. See? How easy peasy can you get right!!











The only problem is that they are so FUN and so EASY to make you will not know when to stop!!

So next time you are looking for a sweet edible treat, whip up some of these darling flower pots.

You'll be glad you did!