Vintage Baby Clothing Goes "Green"

I was told the other day by a darling young mother of two sweet girls, that my vintage baby dresses are"GREEN"!! "Green?" I asked "what do you mean by that"? Well, come to find out, by my re-using, re-storing, or re-designing my vintage baby items in new and unusual ways (instead of just tossing them out) I am helping the environment. How about that? I'm "Greener" than I thought. Let me tell you a little more of what I'm up to. I begin by buying vintage baby items (Mostly dresses, shoes and bonnets) from garage sales, estate sales, thrift shops, or on eBay. I get them home and wash and iron them like crazy!! This is a job that I have never liked very much (being a mother of boys), but for some reason when you're washing sweet, dainty little girl things it's quite fun! Anyway, many of the items I purchase are missing buttons, have stains, tears, or are damaged in some way. In those cases it's up to me to use my creative mind and sewing skills to fix or sometimes even re-make some of these wonderful clothing items, into new revitalized pieces of fashion! You remember the old saying "what's old is new again". Well, that's kinda what I do. Some of these pieces are so amazing too, I just hate to see them unused or thrown out! These vintage baby items are from the 1930's, 40's, 50's , 60's, 70's and 80's. They are true pieces of history. I think it is so fun to see the adorable baby girls of today wearing and using these vintage treasures of the past.

Let's face it anyone can go to the mall or dept. stores and find darling, pretty baby things to buy. But then every baby looks just about the same. Right? Can you imagine dressing your adorable baby in vintage clothing of your era or how about your mother's? I think that is so unique and very different!! I have a delightful time coming up with new ways to re-use and re-sew vintage baby clothing. I add vintage buttons, hankies, ribbon, rick rack, roses and lace. I cut up vintage tablecloths and hankies, then add them to the vintage dresses, slips and blouses that would have otherwise been thrown out. These creations of mine are really adorable "NEW" vintage baby dresses!! (If I do say so myself) And I guess, if I'm not adding to landfills and trash bins... well then, I say "I guess my friend is right. I am "GREEN" and I'm doing my part." So, maybe you should try it. But, if sewing and mending are not your thing, or if you don't have the time for such endeavors, but you are "hip" to the idea. Feel free to lake a look at some of the things that I've designed and created using vintage baby dresses and vintage embellishments at "CURBY'S CLOSET". I'd love to show you some of my ideas, suggestions, or even step by step instructions on how easy it can be to mend, alter or re-sew these fun, creative dresses. Look for them soon on upcoming posts. So tell me... "How are you making your daily life more GREEN?" Let me know. Share your ideas.