For Vintage Items- Garage Sales or Estate Sales???

I LOVE most anything VINTAGE!! Pretty much... you name it... and it's vintage... I love it!! My favorites are dolls, quilts, tea cups, dishes, birdhouses, hankies, linens, buttons and if you don't already know BABY DRESSES! You may wonder "where in the world does she find all these vintage pieces". Well, more times then I can tell you, its been at garage or estate sales. They are really a wonderful place to find unique, interesting, one- of- a -kind vintage items. You just never know what treasures someone is ready to part with. Many of my Saturdays are spent getting up early ( way too early I might add) and heading out to these sales. I do recommend a little preparation before you begin. Here's my "CURBY'S CLOSET'S" Garage/Estate Sale tips- 1. Look through the newspaper, penny saver or Craigs list for garage/estate sales or items in your area. (Note: some sales may start on Thurs. or Fri. so be sure to check the dates and times) 2.Circle or highlight sales that sound good to you or that list neat items that you are looking for in their descriptions. 3.If you have several to go to, map them out on your Thomas Guide or look them up on MapQuest to plan your route.(Trust me this will save you tons of time) 4. Bring CASH!! Many garage/estate sales do not accept checks. Bring small bills 1$ and 5$ are great. Not every one has change for a 20$, especially if you are one of the first sales of the day or if you are just buying one item for $1.50. 5. For Estate Sales goers- be prepared to take a number. Most all big estate sales will hand out numbers and will only accept a few people in the house at a time. Come early... get your number... be prepared to wait. Some move pretty quickly others can take hours. My husband and I waited 4 hours for a estate sale in Whittier, CA. I thought we were never going to get inside, but when we did boy oh boy was it worth it!! It was a vintage baby clothing "Jackpot"!! So, sometimes the wait can be worth it. 6. Be prepared to be disapointed. I don't mean to be a downer but, many garage/estate sales sound good in the description, but in reality they are just selling a bunch of junk! No antique or vintage items at all. But on the positive side- even junk can at times serve your creative purposes! 7. If you have too many sales to attend in one day. Do the old "Drive by" method... don't get out of the car just look from the street. If nothing strikes your fancy move on... if some thing catches your eye. Park and take a look. 8. Don't go too EARLY!! Many garage/estate sale folks do not like "Early birds"!! If the sale starts at 7am do not show up at 5am hoping to get first choice. You many just be waking them up and making them mad. Not the best way to begin the morning! 9. Be ready to BARGAN!! Just don't be insulting. If they are selling a roll top desk for 100$ don't offer them 10 bucks that's a bit rude. Ask how low they would be willing to go, or let them know that you have only 75$ would they be willing to part with it for that amount. Also if you are going to puchase several items ask for a combined discount. Many sellers are willing to give you the whole lot for one reduced price. 10.Wear comfortable shoes!! Especially if you are hitting several sales in one day. Trust me your feet will thank you, BIG TIME! 11. Bring a car or truck big enough for all your puchases. You may just find that special loveseat you've always been looking for and if you've come in a VW Bug, you may have a huge challenge trying to get it home! Also make sure you have a plenty of gas! You may not want to stop your fun vintage search for a gas station. 12. Look for the DEAL OF THE CENTURY!! I have been fortunate to find the BIG DEAL many times. Like 50 weathered shutters for $5 or a nearly brand new couch, chair and ottoman for $100 or an adorable white rabbit hutch for FREE!! (I use it for a tiny potting shed, it's really cute!) Keep your eyes open...your Weekends free... and small bills in your pocket and go have some vintage fun!!! I hope these suggestions help. Hey, ya never know...maybe I'll see ya there!