What Did you Collect as a Child?

Most of my earliest memories include DOLLS. Big dolls, small dolls, baby dolls or Barbie dolls. It didn't really matter much to me, cuz I loved them all! I would sit and play with them for hours. Dressing them up in darling outfits, caring for them using diapers and bottles,  combing, brushing and even CUTTING their hair. Yikes! My Tiny Tears never did look the same after the hair cutting fiasco of 1960. Anyway... Pictured below are a few of my Nancy Ann dolls. I did not collect Nancy Ann's as a child, but my love for adorable dolls brought them into my life a few years ago and I have been hooked ever since. Aren't they sweet? Dolls remind me of simpler times and of carefree childhood days spent playing and daydreaming. Such fun, sweet memories. So... here's my question: What did you collect as a child that you still enjoy or collect today? Leave a comment and share some of your memories.