Where in the "Heck" Can I Buy Your Quilted Baby Shoe Pattern??

I must say that lately I have been asked that question quite a lot. And I am totally thrilled to say that there are several places that you can buy our "Quilted Baby Shoe Pattern". So get your mouse ready or jot this info. down. ONLINE CURBY'S CLOSET BOUTIQUE SHABBY FABRICS FAT QUARTER SHOP BLACKBERRY PATCH CURBY'S CLOSET ON ETSY Or stop in and take a look at the following quilt shops: QUILT SHOPS FRESH PICKED FABRICS in Yorba Linda, CA PINE NEEDLES at Gardner Village in So Jordan, Utah ADRIANNES ATTIC in  Youngsville, LA NANCY'S QUILTS in Palm Dessert, CA GINGERS QUILT SHOP in Upland, CA Take your pick and have lots of fun making our fun Quilted Baby Shoes. Happy Quilting and Happy Sewing!!