Who Says "Shabby Chic" or "Country Cottage" is Not a Decorating Style??

I was watching a design show on one of the cable channels the other day. It's the one where designers compete for the title of "DESIGN STAR". It was the episode where the designers task was to re-do country singer Sara Evans hotel suite in a "Shabby Chic" or "Country Cottage " style. I was very intrigued and excited because I really love both of those design styles. Well, I won't recount the whole show and all its events, but I will say that the "Professional" designers aka "Judges" pretty much let it be known, that these two design styles are not really even styles at all. I was kinda shocked and stunned!! I must say that it did offend me a bit!! ( Don't worry I'll get over it!) I don't really understand why on these design shows you must either be contemporary, modern, or traditional. There seems to be no room for anything else.  I mean what about English or French Country style? What about a Romantic or Garden style? I guess that they wouldn't be crazy about those either. I was delighted that Sara Evans liked the soft lovely "Shabby" kind of style. I bet if you asked successful designer Rachel Ashwell she'd say that "Shabby Chic" was a very wonderful style. Just a thought... What do you think?